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The Pokétch was introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl (Generation IV). "Pokétch" is short for "Pokémon Watch". It replaced its past versions (PokéGear and PokéNav), becoming an incredible device with 25 possible features. The Pokétch occupies the touch screen during most of the game.

To get the Pokétch, a man will come up to you in Jubilife City and ask you to look for three clowns, who will give you one ticket each. Find the clowns and go back and talk to the man. He will reveal that he is none other than the Pokétch's inventor, and he will then present to you your very own Pokétch. (If you are a boy, you will receive a blue Pokétch, but if you are a girl, you will receive a red Pokétch.) You start off with four applications, but as you progress through the game, you get even more.


The following is a chart showing Pokétch applications, a picture of them, what they do, and where to get them:

Application Picture Description Location
#1 Digital Clock Digitalclock.png A basic digital clock to help you keep track of the time. Obtained with pokétch.
#2 Calculator Calculator.png A calculator to help perform simple mathematics. Obtained with pokétch.
#3 Notepad Notepad.png Used for jotting down notes. However, changing to a different application erases all notes. pokétch President, after getting 1st badge.
#4 Pedometer Pedometer.png Records how many steps are taken. Useful for hatching Eggs. Obtained with pokétch.
#5 pokémon List Pokemonlist.png Displays current party pokémon, held items, and their health. Obtained with pokétch.
#6 Friendship Checker Friendshipchecker.png Indicates friendship level, from no hearts to two large hearts. Girl in Eterna City pokémon Center.
#7 Itemfinder Itemfinder.png Reveals hidden items; your location is the origin, each mark is 1 step. Rival on Route 207.
#8 Berry Finder Berryfinder.png Displays a Sinnoh Map with locations of fully-grown berry crops. Mulch Shop on Route 208.
#9 Day Care Checker Daycarechecker.png Displays your pokémon in Day Care Center, their level(s) and gender(s), and if there is an Egg. Man in Day Care Center, after leaving a pokémon.
#10 pokémon History Pokemonhistory.png Shows the last twelve pokémon you obtained. Man outside Solaceon Town pokémon Center
#11 Counter Counter-1-.png A tally counter for any use. Veilstone City Department Store 2F.
#12 Analog Clock Analogclock-1-.png A basic analog clock to help you keep track of the time. Man in house in southwest Celestic Town.
#13 Marking Map Markingmap-1-.png Displays a Sinnoh Map with six movable marking pieces. Later in the game, this also shows you where Cresselia and Mesprit are. pokétch President, after getting 3rd badge.
#14 Link Searcher Wifisearcher-1-.png Searches for wireless communication on pokémon Diamond and Pearl nearby. pokétch President, after getting 5th badge.
#15 Coin Toss Cointoss-1-.png Make simple two-way decisions with the flip of a Magikarp coin. Rock Climb to house on Valor Lakefront/Route 213.
#16 Move Checker Movechecker-1-.png Shows effectiveness of one move type against another type or dual-type. pokétch President, after getting 7th badge.
#17 Calendar Calendar-1-.png A basic calendar with the month and day. Bring a pokémon with a Serious nature to a certain man in Sunyshore City.
#18 Dot Art Dotart-1-.png Use the Touch Screen to draw just about anything. Bring a pokémon with a Naive nature to a certain man in Sunyshore City.
#19 Roulette Roulette-1-.png A custonizable roulette wheel. Bring a pokémon with a Quirky nature to a certain man in Sunyshore City.
#20 pokéRadar Checker Pokeradarchecker-1-.png Shows your three longest PokeRadar chains. Professor Oak at Pal Park.
#21 Kitchen Timer Kitchentimer-1-.png Count down the time, from 0:01 to 99:99. Show a Snorlax to a certain girl at Pal Park.
#22 Color Changer Colorchanger-1-.png Change the pokétch's background color, with eight total choices. Show a Kecleon to a certain girl at Pal Park.
#23 Matchup Checker Matchupchecker-1-.png Shows the likelihood of two pokémon breeding. Nintendo Event.
#24 Stopwatch Stopwatch-1-.png The opposite of the Kitchen Timer. Record how long you take for anything! Nintendo Event.
#25 Alarm Clock Alarmclock-1-.png Set the time you want it to ring. Much like the DS alarm clock. Nintendo Event.
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