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This page is reserved for the Pokemon Trading and Pokemon Shopping District forums. The purpose of this is to list the public Event and Shiny Pokemon hosted on Pokecheck, where they can be downloaded freely. As this goes against the forum rules, they cannot be traded, and knowingly trading such Pokemon will result in blacklisting. Therefore, this list will help raise awareness of this growing issue for trading.

[edit] Expected Editor Behavior

Because this page is a Wiki, anyone can add Pokemon they see public and anyone can remove Pokemon that have been removed from Public view. Proper documentation and a mature attitude are necessary components in compiling an accurate and vast list for other traders to reference their lists against. This applies to anyone who contributes to this wiki, so an appropriate amount of responsibility and attitude are expected of editors by the forum moderators.

[edit] List of Public Pokemon

[edit] Form

To ensure every Pokemon is correctly listed and there is no gray area, please use this form to document Public Pokemon, found here.


[edit] Documented Public Pokemon

113 shiny.gif

  • Type: Event
  • ID: 29134
  • SID: 51427
  • PID: 0x891F3036
  • Generation Format: 4th Gen
  • Caught Location + Region: Pal Park (Leaf Green)
  • Date: Apr 25, 2008

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