Porygon (Base Set)

PorygonBase SetTCG.jpg
Base Set - 39/102
Evolution Stage Basic
Hit Points 30
Weakness FightingTCG.png x2
Resistance PsychicTCG.png - 30
Retreat Cost ColorlessTCG.png
Game Pack Laboratory (D43)
Game 2 Pack Beginning Pokémon (A49)

Porygon is a Colorless Type Pokémon Trading Card that is featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This specific card is part of the Base Set. For other Porygon Trading Cards, please see Porygon (TCG).

[edit] Decks

These are the decks that the Base Set Porygon appears in. No other versions of Porygon can be found here.

[edit] Pokémon Trading Card Game

[edit] Video Games

[edit] Attacks

These are all of the attack(s) that Base Set Porygon knows. It knows two attacks - Conversion 1 (テクスチャー1) and Conversion 2 (テクスチャー2). Both are used to change some form of typing for any Pokémon of the player's choice.

Conversion 1
If the Defending Pokémon has a Weakness, you may change it to a type of your choice other than Colorless.
Power --
JPN Name テクスチャー1Texture 1

Conversion 2
Change Porygon's Resistance to a type of your choice other than Colorless.
Power --
JPN Name テクスチャー2Texture 2

[edit] Pokédex Entry

Porygon - Virtual Pokémon
# Height Weight
137 2'7" 80 lbs
A Pokémon that consists entirely of programming code. Capable of moving freely in cyberspace.
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