Pyrite Town

Pyrite Town is a town located in the southwest Orre region. The town is located within a large canyon and appears very run-down and littered with junk from when it was once a mining town. Every building and object appears to be old and rusted over.


Pyrite Town was once a mining town, but it has since devolved into a town of thugs and ruffians and has a high crime rate. There is a police station in the bottom right corner of the map that always seems to have people locked up. According to citizens, people that stay in Pyrite Town for a long period of time will eventually take on characteristics of the rest of the population.

Prior to the events of Pokemon Colosseum, the town's Colosseum was run by Cipher, who was distributing Shadow Pokemon to the winners of the Colosseum tournaments. Wes and Rui, however, were able to put a stop to it by defeating Miror B. in the Pyrite Cave after winning a Colosseum tournament.

In Pokemon Colosseum, the town has a large number of Shadow Pokemon that can be caught.

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