Rhapsody In Drew

Rhapsody in Drew.


The episode begins in the Grand Festival, May has already passed through the Preliminary rounds with Skitty. She advanced through to battle with Harley; one of her rivals.
Harley is using Banette and Cacturne, whilst May uses her Beautifly and Bulbasaur.

  • Harley begins by having Banette use Screech, both of May's pokemon are affected.
  • Cacturne then uses Bullet seed, which May's pokemon barely avoid. May's points begin to drop.
  • After encouragement from Ash, Bulbasaur uses Vinewhip. Harley's pokemon try to dodge, but the vine whip follows and catches one of their feet.
  • Beautifly uses Silver Wind to attack the foes, causing Harley's points to drop slightly more than May's.
    • Drew appears to be watching intently, with a worried/concentrating look on his face.
  • May orders Bulbasaur to release Cacturne and Banette, sending them spinning. Beautifly spins them faster with another Silver Wind. Harley has now lost just over half his points.
  • Harley's pokemon spin in confusion, but once Harley yells, they snap out of it, ready to attack again.
  • May tries another Vine whip, but Harley orders a Torment from Banette, which annoys Bulbasaur into not doing as commanded.
  • Cacturne takes this time to use Pin Missile, but misses as May has Beautifly take Bulbasaur in the air.
  • Harley then counters with Banette's Will-o-wisp, shooting down May's pokemon as well as her points.
  • Bulbasaur turns to block any more Will-o-wisps with Petal dance, stunning the audience as it glitters around the arena. Harley has barely any points left.
  • Harly shoots down the petals with Cacturne's controlled Pin Missile, causing an explosion.
  • Beautifly and Bulbasaur flies through the smoke with a surprise attack; a Silver Wind and Razor Leaf combination. With both attacks raised by each other, Harley's pokemon fall and his points do too.

Harley storms off as May celebrates, passing Drew as he does so. He makes a remark of how he "will enjoy watching both of them lose." Drew watches as Harley leaves, before laughing and walking off.

Jessie and James are talking about a coordinator named Robert, a man who Jessie chooses to impersonate. Meowth points him out and shoots a metal claw which catches his wrist. Ash, Pikachu and Snorunt spot him struggling and run out to help, Pikachu breaking the claw with a Thunder bolt. Robert asks who they are, and Team Rocket begin their motto.
Ash teases Jesse of her failure to disguise herself, but she claims she is the master of disguise. She then attacks Robert to steal his pokemon; Milotic and Claydol. Ash protects him with Snorunt's Ice Beam, which fails miserably. After Robert talks to it, Team Rocket begin to laugh. They decide to attack Pikachu, but Snorunt takes the attack instead. In doing this, Glalie evolves, and is able to use Ice beam with ease, causing Team rocket "to blast off again."

May's next battle starts showing she is in trouble. Anthony's Pinsir is swallowed by his Swalot, which appears to be a defence combination. May is using Bulbasaur and Combusken, who is grabbed by its beak with Pinsir's horns. Fortunately, she had already knocked down the opponent's points enough to win when the time ran out. They congratulate each other, and her mother interrupts by showing who May is next up against. May begins to panic when she realises the third round is against Drew. Ash also seems worried and May looks like she is about to cry.

May and Drew are about to battle, Drew looks extremely relaxed, whereas May is frowning and focused. She releases Skitty and Combusken, and Drew releases his Roselia, and his new arrival; Flygon. Ash and co are amazed by this, and begin to worry. Drew tells May he's been raising it ready for this battle, clearly showing his preparation. May isn't intimidated by this, and the battle begins.

  • Drew begins the match by creating a cylindrical petal dance for Flygon to fly through.
  • Skiity uses assist, which forms a Fire Spin, from Combusken. The petals turn to cinders and Flygon is swallowed by it. It flies out seemingly unharmed.
  • Combusken uses Sky uppercut, which Flygon dodges under Drew's command. This causes Combusken to fall over and lands on Skitty, leaving them defenceless.
  • Drew has trained Flygon to fly by the sun, so May cannot see where it is. He laughs as May shields her eyes.
    • Brock points out that Drew know May too well and is foreseeing her combinations and counters.
  • Flygon uses Flamethrower, as Roselia uses the intense sunlight for a Solarbeam. May freezes in a mind block, until Ash calls for her to dodge. Combusken manages to hold back both with a fire spin, which shocks Drew and the audience.
  • The fire is released to reveal Combusken in a fighting stance, and the beauty is praised. May "surges into the lead."
    • Drew mumbles a congratulation to May, as Flygon lands.
  • May grows confident, calling for another fire spin. Drew counters with a massive Sandstorm from Flygon, the attacks clash and collapse.
  • Skitty uses Blizzard on Roselia, which dodges by riding on Flygon. (Assumed to be copied from May.) May loses a lot of points and Drew takes the lead again.
  • Skitty's assist reveals a Vine Whip, which she uses to throw Combusken (who is already a good jumper) into the air towards Flygon.
  • Drew sees what she is doing, and attempts to use Magical leaf to stop Combusken from reaching Flygon. Skitty blocks it with a Blizzard.
  • Drew show he is desperate and shouts for Flygon to use Flamethrower. May says she knew he was going to react this way, and uses the flames to set Combusken alight.
  • May punches into the air as she calls for a Sky Uppercut, hitting Flygon as it burns.
    • Norman appears, watching his daughter, smiling at May's amazing combination and comeback. Drew is still clearly in the lead though. Drew chuckles as May thinks.
  • May knows only a knockout could win this for her, so she calls for a Quick Attack and Tackle. Drew stops them both with a Stun Spore. May's pokemon are paralysed.
  • Drew orders a Steel Wing, which lands and knocks May's pokemon to the floor.
  • The time runs out, and Drew has won by almost half of the points. May had no points left.

May congratulates her pokemon and puts on a brave face, although it is clear she is upset. Although she lost, the crowd cheer for her rather than Drew. Harley begins to rant about this as he is not very pleased.

The final round is Drew vs Robert, Robert is showing a clear lead and Drew and his pokemon look exhausted. Robert creates a combination of Twister and Claydol appears from it, using hyper beam and catching Drew off guard. Milotic then continues by hitting them with Iron tail, giving Drew no chance to counter. His pokemon faint and Robert claims victory. Drew is left shocked, but praises the battle and his pokemon. May also suffers watching Drew lose, as she knows how it feels. Robert claims his prize and the coordinators stand to watch him carry the cup. May and Drew talk about Drew's lose, but May seems more disappointed than Drew, who chooses to be optimistic.

The Grand Festival closes with a party that everyone invited to, and everyone looks like they're having fun. Except for May, who slumps onto a bench and thinks about how much she's had to eat. She notices some lights on the beach and decides to investigate, finding out that it was Drew and Masquerain, practicing. Roselia shoots at Masquerain so it could practice dodging, but is hit and collapses to the floor. May interrupts by asking what they're doing. Drew explains that he doesn't have time to party, as Robert is also practicing, even though he's the top coordinator. he talks of his determination to win, and how he hopes for May to also be doing the same. He walks off, leaving May behind, praising her as he does so and bids her farewell.

    • Romantic music is heard at the time, hinting towards ContestShipping.

Ash interrupts May's trail of thought by holding an ice cream in her face. She shouts at him for scaring her, and she is clearly embarrassed. May tells him they were only saying goodbye, but her mother interupts by cooing over a supposed relationship between them.
She then tells the gang as she reflects over what he said, ending on a determined speech that Ash joins in with. He tells he is going to win whist throwing around an Ice cream cone without realising, and Pikachu shouts in agreement too.

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