Ritchie is a Pokemon trainer from Frodomar City and he is good friends with Ash Ketchum and is his rival.

Episodes Appeared In:

A Friend In Deed:

Ritchie first appeared in the episode A Friend In Deed and he was running to catch an elevator that Ash and his friends were about to ride on. Ritchie tells them to hold the door, so Professor Oak kindly does so. While standing inside the elevator, Ritchie notices Ash's Pikachu standing next to him and asks who it belongs to. Ash says Pikachu is his and just as Ritchie proceeds to pet Pikachu, Ash warns him to be careful as a way to stop him or because if Ritchie pets Pikachu in a manner he doesn't like, Pikachu will shock him. The power goes out and after Brock attemps to call for help, Ritchie pulls out 2 electrical cables and asks Ash to borrow his Pikachu. Ash brings Pikachu to Ritchie and hooks the 2 cables to Pikachu's cheeks. Ash orders Pikachu to use thundershock and the elevator starts moving again! When the elevator arrives at the lobby, everybody thanks Ritchie including Ash, who Asks for his name. He then introduces himself as Ritchie and he leaves immediately. Team Rocket attemps to steal Ritchie and all of the other trainer's Pokemon with an examination, and if trainers do not comply, they will be disqualified from the league. Ash later finds Ritchie at the Pavilion about to surrender his Pokemon for inspection. After team rocket recites their motto James accidentally says Jessie's name, blowing team rocket's cover. James has his Weezing smog the trainers making them cough but now Ash is temporarily by himself chasing team rocket. However, Ritchie later catches up to Ash and they stop at the top of a mountain. Ash realizes they can't catch team rocket on foot, but Ritchie mentions that cutting down the side of the mountain would be faster. Ash wants to do so, but Ritchie is aganist his idea because the Mountain is very dangerous! Ash starts sprinting down the mountain with Ritchie following along him, Ritchie slows Ash down by knocking him down. When they stop sliding, Ash gets up and pushes Ritchie off his back because he is mad about Ritchie knocking him down. Ash quickly calms down and they start climbing down the cliff and cut off team rocket. Team rocket turns left into a bumpy forest and when they make to the end of the forest, they drive through a river but, the bumps knocked James (who is driving) unconscious. Jessie takes over steering the van. Ash and Ritchie continue their chase next to the river. But when nighttime falls, Ritchie tells Ash that they should quit for the night and get some sleep, so they don't get lost in the forest. Because Ritchie travels as much as Ash he carries an extra sleeping bag with him, that Ash can use. Ash and Ritchie camp out and eat some dinner while team rocket celebrates their robbery. Now Ritchie is shown pointing his finger in the nighttime sky because he is trying to connect up the stars to see what Pokemon forms from the stars. He giggles and Ash asks what Ritchie's doing. Ritchie's first set of instructions are, "See what Pokemon you get when connect up the stars." Those stars form into an Onix!. Ritchie's next set of instructions are "Connect those 2 bright ones to the ones down over there." Those stars form into a Pikachu! Ash and Ritchie continue searching for team rocket the next morning and Ritchie spots tire tracks that go into the forest. Ash and Ritchie follow the tire tracks that lead them to team rocket's campsite and team rocket's still asleep. Ash and Ritchie walk very quietly to avoid waking up team rocket and Ash unlocks the van's door so him and Ritchie can find the bag with their pokemon. Ash and Ritchie can't find the bag so Ash calls for Pikachu. Pikachu immediately respoonds and Ash unties the bag and frees Pikachu! Ash and Ritchie plan on taking the bag and leaving until it is discovered that team rocket has woken up and locks both of them inside the van!

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