Rocky Helmet

Rocky Helmet.png The Rocky Helmet, first appearing in Pokémon Black and White games, is a hold-item for a Pokémon that causes the holder's attacker to loose one-sixth (1/6) of their Maximum HP when the holder is hit with a Contact Move.

[edit] In-Game Descriptions

  • Black/White: If the holder of this item takes damage, the attacker will also be damaged upon contact.

[edit] How To Obtain

• This item cannot be bought in shops in-game on all generations and game cartridges.

• This item can be traded between Black and White games, provided the Pokémon being traded is holding the Rocky Helmet as its item and both game cartridges can trade back and forth.

  • Black/White: The Rocky Helmet can be obtained by talking to a man in the Cold Storage down an alleyway.

[edit] Strategizing with the Rocky Helmet

Since the Rocky Helmet takes off one-sixth of the attacker's Maximum HP every time, the attacker can effectively faint because of Rocky Helmet alone, even if the user didn't use any attacks.

  • A good strategy would be to take a Pokémon (such as Snorlax) that has a strong HP stat (a strong defense stat would would, too) and place it into battle holding the Rocky Helmet. Then, use moves to lower your enemy's attack stat so you won't suffer much damage, or to raise your defense stat which would essentially do the same thing. Whenever your foe attacks you, their HP will be cut down by 1/6, meaning that you could easily beat a stronger trainer in only six turns.

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