Saving Braviary

Saving Braviary is the 114th episode of the Best Wishes series, and is a continuation of the N arc.



Team Plasma Grunts

The episode begins with two members of Team Plasma driving in a vehicle during the evening, where all of a sudden they reach an obstacle in the road. As they step out of the vehicle to remove the obstacles, N sneaks to the back of the vehicle and opens it using a device. Inside the back of the vehicle, is an injured Braviary trapped in a cage. N frees it and attempts to escape, but the Team Plasma grunts spots them. They call out Zangoose and Seviper to use Scratch and Bite respectively. N manages to block the attacks, but at the same time was pushed back off the cliff, along with Braviary. N and Braviary escape, but there's a tracking device shown on Braviary, which Team Plasma can use to track it's location.

Meanwhile, Ash and his friends are wondering through a forest, where they encounter N and Braviary on the ground. N mentions that he's fine, but Braviary's wing is injured, therefore Cilan suggests that they head to the Pokemon Center immediately. Once they reach the center, Nurse Joy tends to the flying Pokemon's wing injuries and states that Braviary will be fine, although he won't be able to fly until he's fully recovered. Ash, Iris, Cilan, and N decided to comfort Braviary as he's healing.

Suddenly, Ash questions N how he and the flying type Pokemon got injured, where N replies that they were attacked by the Team Plasma organization. Ash, Iris, and Cilan mentioned how they had to deal with the group and their control over the captured Pokemon. N mentions that he understands the purpose of Pokemon living in the world, which is not to cause harm to anyone or anything. N wants to free the Pokemon that were misused by Team Plasma. Ash and the group offers to assist, but N decides that this mission is something he must do alone.

The two Team Plasma members pinpoint Braviary's location and decide to proceed on foot. Back at the center, Ash and his friends praise N on how he appears to care deeply for all Pokemon and wished that they could have assisted him in any way. Suddenly, Team Plasma cuts the power and sneaks inside the Pokemon Center. N heads to Braviary only to realize that there's a small device on him. He meets Ash and the others to inform that the blackout was the result of the same members who capture Braviary. Nurse Joy, unaware of what's really going on, heads to check the circuit breakers, as Team Plasma sneaks in and try to locate the flying type Pokemon. They look at their tracking device to see that the Pokemon is outside, so they quickly head out the center to see N and what looks to be Braviary.

Zangoose and Seviper attacking N

The grunts eventually catch up to them and call out Zangoose and Seviper once more and commands them to use Slash and Bite respectively. They both strike N directly and see that he played the role of decoy, as the tracking device was on the bag he was carrying. They demand N to reveal Braviary's whereabouts, but he refuses to answer and tries to escape, so Team Plasma and their Pokemon are forced to chase after him.

Meanwhile, Braviary is shown to be with Ash, Iris, and Cilan. They're trying to lead Braviary away from Team Plasma. As they continue moving, they start to worry about N, but they recall(flashback is shown) that he wants them to take Braviary somewhere safe and to not turn back. Ash and his friends were originally hesitant, but they realized that N's plan was the only option, so they continue leading Braviary away from Team Plasma. Ash and his friends reach an area where they try to set Braviary free, but the bird turns around and head for the opposite direction. Ash gets a hold of Braviary and orders him not to go in that direction, as he will get captured by Team Plasma once again. The flying type Pokemon starts to become sad, which led Ash to believe that N may be in danger. Moments later, Braviary escapes to search for N, while Ash and the others give chase.

N is still running away, but Zangoose and Seviper eventually catches up to him, and are ordered to use Slash and Screech respectively, striking N directly. The Team Plasma grunts ask him one last time of Braviary's whereabouts. N claims that he won't quit trying to save the Pokemon under Team Plasma, but the grunts disregards his words and orders another attack from Zangoose and Seviper. As the two Pokemon approach N, Braviary suddenly appears and successfully blocks both of their attacks. N asks Ash and his firends why have they returned, where they replied that Braviary sensed that he was in danger, so they had to come to his rescue.

Pikachu Vs Zangoose

Ash and Iris tell Braviary to stand aside, as they call out Pikachu and Excadrill respectively to battle Zangoose and Seviper. Ash mentions to N that he knows that about him disapproving of Pokemon battles, but it's the only option with the current situation. Zangoose and Seviper are ordered to use Slash and Bite respectively, but both Pikachu and Excadrill dodges easily. Ash orders Pikachu to counter with Quick Attack and Iris orders Excadrill to use Metal Claw, but Zangoose and Seviper manages to evade as well. Pikachu is ordered to use Iron Tail, while Zangoose is also told to use that attack. Both attacks collide, causing an explosion, which knocks both Pokemon onto the ground. Seviper is ordered to use Screech, while Iris tells Excadrill to counter with Focus Blast, which gains the upper hand and knocks out Seviper. Excadrill, on the other hand appears weak from the Screech attack, therefore Iris recalls him into the Pokeball.

Zangoose manages to stand and is ordered to finish off Pikachu with Mega Punch. As Zangoose is closing in, Braviary tears off his bandages and rushes in with a Wing Attack, landing a direct hit on Zangoose and saving Pikachu. Ash thanks Braviary and takes the opportunity to tell Pikachu to end the battle with a Thunderbolt, knocking out Zangoose. The two Team Plasma grunts decide to retreat, vowing that they will be back to capture Braviary. Shortly after, N tells Braviary that he no longer has to worry about Team Plasma and succesfully releases it into the wild.

Ash and his friends realizes N's injurues and decide to take him back to the Pokemon Center to get treated. Morning arrives and N appears to be fully healed. Cilan asks N where he will be headed next, where N replies that he's going past Driftveil City. Ash mentions that they were headed in the same direction and offers N to travel with the group. N appears reluctant at first, stating that he's still against Pokemon battles, but also states that after seeing Ash and Iris battle, he experienced a feeling that he's never felt before. Therefore, N agrees to join the group, as they continue their journey to the White Ruins.

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