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Species Type
Karate Pokémon Fighting.png
Number Ability
#539 Sturdy/Inner Focus
Mold Breaker
Height Weight
4'3" (1.3m) 122.4 lbs (55.5kg)
Gender Ratio
Male: 100% Female: 0%
Evolves From Evolves Into
None None
Egg Group Catch Rate
Human-Like 45
Tier EV Yield
NU/RU 2 Attack Points

Sawk (ダゲキ) is the 45th Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex. He is a Fighting Type, and is known as the Karate Pokémon.

Sawk's two abilities are Sturdy, which makes this Pokémon immune to One-Hit KO moves such as Fissure and Horn Drill, and starting with Generation V, Pokémon with Sturdy cannot be KO'd when its HP is full; and Inner Focus, which prevents the Pokémon from flinching except when attempting to use Focus Punch. A third ability, exclusive to Sawk from the Dream World, called Mold Breaker, which nullifies the effect of the foe's abilities on this Pokémon in battle.

Sawk cannot evolve, nor does he have a pre-evolved form

Sawk is in the Human-Like Egg Group, and it will take approximately 5,120 steps for his Egg to hatch. It takes Sawk One Million Experience Points to reach Level 100.


[edit] Biology

[edit] Physiology

Sawk takes on the appearance of a blue karate master.

[edit] Gender Differences

Sawk are exclusively male. Because of this, the only way to breed a Sawk egg is for it to breed with a Ditto.

[edit] Game Information

[edit] Original Games

Sawk appear at Routes 10, 15, 18, and Pinwheel Forest in Black and White. Despite the rarity percentages, Sawk is more likely to appear in Pokémon Black than in Pokémon White. This also holds true in Black 2 and White 2; while Sawk will appear on Routes 15, 18, 23, outside the Pinwheel Forest and the Cliffside section of Victory Road in both Generation V sequels, Sawk are easier to find in Pokémon Black 2.

[edit] Spin-off Games

Sawk appears at Volcanic Slope Canyon 3-2 in Pokémon Rumble Blast.

Sawk appears at the Crag Area's Colosseum in PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, but won't appear until Boldore has been befriended. Befriending it is a unique challenge unto itself: you have to defeat it and Throh in battle at the same time, after which you'll be able to call for Sawk's assistance in battle.

[edit] Trading Card Game

Sawk is listed as an Uncommon Card in the Emerging Powers set, and as a Rare Card in the Black&White set.

[edit] Anime/Manga Information

[edit] Anime

A trainer named Stephen uses Sawk during the Don Battle Tournament, losing to Iris and her Emolga in the episode The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga Versus Sawk!. Stephen would return with Sawk during the Donamite Tournament.

[edit] Movies

Another trainer uses Sawk during the Black version of Pokémon Movie 14.

[edit] Manga

Sawk's Manga Information is unknown as of writing.

[edit] Pokémon Information

[edit] Competitive Battling

Sawk is listed in the Never-Utilized and Rarely-Utilized Tiers of Competitive Battling. While it doesn't have the best of defenses, its mix of Attack and Speed make it a great revenge-killer in both aforementioned tiers. Like other Pokémon that rely on physical attacks for damage, it's performance suffers if it suffers a Burn.

[edit] Area Location

Game Rarity Location
Black 10% Pinwheel Forest: Outside
Route 10 (Regular & Double Grass)
Route 18 (Regular & Double Grass)
Black 15% Route 15 (Regular & Double Grass)
White 5% Pinwheel Forest: Outside (Shaking Spots)
Route 10 (Shaking Spots)
Route 15 (Shaking Spots)
Route 18 (Shaking Spots)
Black2 15% Pinwheel Forest: Outside
Black2 20% Route 15
Route 18
Black2 25% Route 23
White2 5% Route 15 (Shaking Spots)
Route 18 (Shaking Spots)
Route 23 (Shaking Spots)
Pinwheel Forest: Outside (Shaking Spots)
Black2/White2 5% Victory Road: Cliffside (Shaking Spots)

[edit] Pokédex Entries

Pokédex Entries

Gen Game Pokedex Entry
Pokémon Red N/A
Pokémon Blue N/A
Pokémon Yellow N/A

II Pokémon Gold N/A
II Pokémon Silver N/A
II Pokémon Crystal N/A

III Pokémon Ruby N/A
III Pokémon Sapphire N/A
III Pokémon Emerald N/A
III Pokémon FireRed N/A
III Pokémon LeafGreen N/A

IV Pokémon Diamond N/A
IV Pokémon Pearl N/A
IV Pokémon Platinum N/A
IV Pokémon HeartGold N/A
IV Pokémon SoulSilver N/A

V Pokémon Black The sound of Sawk punching boulders and trees can be heard all the way from the mountains where they train.
V Pokémon White Tying their belts gets them pumped and makes their punches more destructive. Disturbing their training angers them.
V Pokémon Black 2 Desiring the strongest karate chop, they seclude themselves in mountains and train without sleeping.
V Pokémon White 2 Desiring the strongest karate chop, they seclude themselves in mountains and train without sleeping.

VI Pokémon X Desiring the strongest karate chop, they seclude themselves in mountains and train without sleeping.
VI Pokémon Y Tying their belts gets them pumped and makes their punches more destructive. Disturbing their training angers them.
VI Pokémon Omega Ruby
VI Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

[edit] Statistics

Base Stats
- 260 354 -
229 255 349 383
139 155 249 273
Sp. Atk
58 65 159 174
Sp. Def
139 155 249 273
157 175 269 295

[edit] Moves

[edit] Via Level-Up

Level Move Type Power Acc% Class
Start Rock Smash Fighting.png 40 100 Physical
Start Leer Normal.png N/A 100 Status
5 Bide Normal.png N/A 100 Physical
9 Focus Energy Normal.png N/A N/A Status
13 Double Kick Fighting.png 30 100 Physical
17 Low Sweep Fighting.png 60 100 Physical
21 Counter Fighting.png ?? 100 Physical
25 Karate Chop Fighting.png 40 100 Physical
29 Brick Break Fighting.png 75 100 Physical
33 Bulk Up Fighting.png N/A N/A Status
37 Retaliate Normal.png 70 100 Physical
41 Endure Normal.png N/A N/A Status
45 Quick Guard Fighting.png N/A N/A Status
49 Close Combat Fighting.png 120 100 Physical
53 Reversal Fighting.png ?? 100 Physical

[edit] Via TM/HM

TM/HM No. Move Type Power Acc% Class
TM06 Toxic Poison.png -- 90 Status
TM08 Bulk Up Fighting.png -- -- Status
TM10 Hidden Power Normal.png 60 100 Special
TM11 Sunny Day Fire.png -- -- Status
TM12 Taunt Dark.png -- 100 Status
TM17 Protect Normal.png -- -- Status
TM18 Rain Dance Water.png -- -- Status
TM21 Frustration Normal.png  ?? 100 Physical
TM26 Earthquake Ground.png 100 100 Physical
TM27 Return Normal.png  ?? 100 Physical
TM28 Dig Ground.png 80 100 Physical
TM31 Brick Break Fighting.png 75 100 Physical
TM32 Double Team Normal.png -- -- Status
TM39 Rock Tomb Rock.png 60 95 Physical
TM42 Facade Normal.png 70 100 Physical
TM44 Rest Psychic.png -- -- Status
TM45 Attract Normal.png -- 100 Status
TM47 Low Sweep Fighting.png 65 100 Physical
TM48 Round Normal.png 60 100 Special
TM52 Focus Blast Fighting.png 120 70 Special
TM56 Fling Dark.png  ?? 100 Physical
TM66 Payback Dark.png 50 100 Physical
TM67 Retaliate Normal.png 70 100 Physical
TM68 Giga Impact Normal.png 150 90 Physical
TM71 Stone Edge Rock.png 100 80 Physical
TM78 Bulldoze Ground.png 60 100 Physical
TM80 Rock Slide Rock.png 75 90 Physical
TM83 Infestation Bug.png 20 100 Status
TM84 Poison Jab Poison.png 80 100 Physical
TM86 Grass Knot Grass.png  ?? 100 Special
TM87 Swagger Normal.png -- 90 Status
TM90 Substitute Normal.png -- -- Status
TM94 Secret Power Normal.png 70 100 Physical
HM04 Strength Normal.png 80 100 Physical

[edit] Via Move Tutor (Black 2/White 2)

Move Type Power Acc% Class
Block Normal.png -- --% Status
Dual Chop Dragon.png 40 90% Physical
Fire Punch Fire.png 75 100% Physical
Helping Hand Normal.png -- --% Status
Ice Punch Ice.png 75 100% Physical
Knock Off Dark.png 20 100% Physical
Low Kick Fighting.png  ?? 100% Physical
Pain Split Normal.png -- --% Status
Sleep Talk Normal.png  ?? ??% Status
Snore Normal.png 40 100% Special
Superpower Fighting.png 120 100% Physical
Thunderpunch Electric.png 75 100% Physical

[edit] Evolution Line

Evolution Line

[edit] Type Matchups

Type Attack Advantages Attack Disadvantages Defense Advantages Defense Disadvantages

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