Secrets From Out of the Fog!


Secrets From Out of the Fog is the 118th episode of the Best Wishes series and a continuation of the N arc.



The episode begins with Team Rocket who are having difficulty finding Ash and the group due to the fog. Once the fog clears, they realize that they're by a swamp. Some of the Team Plasma grunts lost the group as well, and decide to continue their search throughout the forest.

N, Anthea, and Concordia

Ash, Iris, and Cilan are watching the two mysterious girls putting N's body into the water. Ash wonders what's going on and as he tries to approach N, Gardervoir stops him. Moments later, they realize that N's body is being healed and he awakens shortly after. N notices the two girls that helped him, Anthea and Concordia, as he calls them. Ash asks if N is feeling better, and both Anthea and Concordia asks Ash and his friends to leave, stating that they aren't welcomed here. N interrupts, mentioning that he rather the group stay, as they have a strong bond with their Pokemon. Pikachu and Axew proves it by interacting with Ash and Iris respectively. Anthea and Concordia appear very surprised to see that there a group of humans who are extremely close to their Pokemon. N introduces Ash and the group to the two girls, stating that they are his companions and also have the ability to hear a Pokemon's inner voice.

Ash notices the house nearby and asks N of their current location, where he welcomes him to his hidden home. Different type of Pokemon are shown, most of them appearing very cautious after seeing Ash and the group. Everyone heads inside of the house and N mentions that he discovered this hideout during his travels and plans to remain temporarily.

A Pidove suddenly appears on N's shoulder, but when Iris tries to touch it, the flying Pokemon becomes angry and flies away. N mentions that Pidove was caught in a trap by a group of people and became severely injured. From that point on, Pidove wasn't able to trust humans. He also notes that all of the Pokemon in the house have been injured by people and that he had to rescue them all. N mentions that while physical injuries can be treated with no issues, it will take the time to treat them emotionally. He finally explains how Anthea and Concordia watches over the Pokemon until the are fully healed.

Ash questions if N is going on a journey to rescue Pokemon, due to Team Plasma. Cilan mentions that he will respect N even if he decides not to answer, but N agrees to share some info with Ash and the group, since they've been traveling with him for a while now. N, Anthea, and Concordia takes the group to a room, where they will explain everything.

While a flashback is shown, N explains how he always lived in a mansion, never able to go outside, but was never alone, due to Anthea and Concordia keeping him company. He was never allowed to have any interactions with people from outside because of Ghetsis, the leader of Team Plasma. In the flashback, Ghetsis states that many Pokemon have been oppressed by humans and in order to save them, N will eventually become Team Plasma's leader, since he has the power to hear the inner voice of Pokemon and it's a power that can fulfill the mission of saving the Pokemon.


Anthea and Concordia mention that they trusted Ghetsis, but everything he stated was completely false. They state that Ghetsis took advantage of them, especially N, due to him being the most powerful of the three. Unfortunately, they didn't realize his true ideals before it was too late. As another flashback is shown, N states that he wasn't sure if Ghetsis truly wanted to help Pokemon. He mentions that he was called before Ghetsis 2 years ago, so that he can be used for a ceremony. In the flashback, suddenly Reshiram appears and starts to attack the castle, which angered Ghetsis. Only N, Anthea, and Concordia managed to escape, although severely injured. The girls state that they must protect N from Ghetsis pulling a stunt like that again. The three set off on their journey and found their way to their current location.

Ash and the group sympathizes with them. Cilan questions N and his companions on why they didn't remain in house to avoid Team Plasma, where Anthea and Concordia replied that they wanted to observe the outside world. N adds on, stating that they wanted to get an idea of what Ghetsis was planning. While they were traveling, N mentioned that they observed all Team Plasma's terrible actions against the Pokemon. Anthea and Concordia mentioned that it's not just Ghetsis and that there are other people that harm people. They also mention that Pokemon should live separately from humans. Cilan immediately replies that it's not fair to accuse all people of harming Pokemon. Ash and Iris agrees. Anthea interrupts them and tells the group that tomorrow, they should leave immediately.

Meanwhile, at Team Plasma headquarteers, Ghetsis expressed his disappointment towards Aldeth and Colress for failing to capture N. Colress questions Ghetsis on why he's so focused on finding N and wonders whether N poses a significant threat to Team Plasma. Ghetsis responds by telling Colress that it's none of his business and for him to continue his research. Colress agrees and tells Ghetsis that he will be pleased with the results of the experiment.

Ash and the group are standing outside of the house where they are speaking about Pokemon being treated terribly by people. Ash wants to prove that he's not one of those people and Cilan agrees. Iris suggest to convince Anthea and Concordia once more that not all people are harmful towards Pokemon, and everyone agrees. Suddenly, the group sees different Pokemon who are too afraid to approach them. Axew, Oshawott, and Pikachu convinces the Pokemon that Ash, Iris, and Cilan aren't there to cause harm. All of the Pokemon eventually became comfortable and starts interacting with the group, with Anthea and Concordia watching from inside of the house.

Team Plasma managed to locate N and started to proceed into the area. Suddenly, the Pokemon start to run away, and N, Anthea, and Concordia heads outside to see what's going on. N realizes that they're being invaded and Anthea and Concordia assumes that Ash and his friends are the ones responsible. Team Plasma grunts appears and asks N to come along or they will take him by force. N refuses and one of Team Plasma's members calls out their Magnezone to use Magnet Bomb, but Gardevoir and Gothitelle successfully stopped the attack. Another Team Plasma member calls out Liepard, and Cilan immediately calls out his Pansage. He commands Pansage to use Bullet Seed, which successfully knocks back Liepard. A third Team Plasma member calls out his Muk, but Iris easily defeats it by calling out and commanding Excadrill to use Metal Claw.

Ash, Pikachu, and Oshawott

Ash, tells N to escape along with Anthea and Concordia, and that he can handle them with his Pokemon. Although he was reluctant at first, N eventually agrees and sets off with the two girls. Ash calls out Pignite and commands him to use Flamethrower. Oshawott, who's already out, is commanded to use Hydro Pump. Ash repeatedly tells both Pokemon to use their attacks on Magnezone.

Concordia wonders why Ash and his friends are helping them, when N replies that the group loves all Pokemon as much as they do. Anthea is surprised to see that there are people that way, and N replies stating that he learned that after meeting Ash and tells Anthea that it's unfair to assume all people are harmful towards Pokemon.

Ash questions the Team Plasma member on their goals, but he refuses to answer and calls out for his Magnezone to use Magnet Bomb again. Cilan commands Pansage to use Bullet Seed. The attacks result in an explosion, which accidentally knocks out Ash's Pignite. Ash's Pikachu decides to step into battle. Magnezone and Pikachu both launch a Thunderbolt, and Pikachu successfully gain the upper hand and knocks out Magnezone. Cilan's Pansage knocks out Liepard with a Bullet Seed and Iris' Excadrill knocks out Muk with a Focus Blast.

Suddenly, a fog appears and N calls out for Ash, Iris, and Cilan to head in his direction. Everyone meets up and N thanks them for their help and mentions how they managed to relocate the Pokemon to a safe location. Anthea and Concordia thanks them as well, but still hold the opinion of Pokemon not being truly safe when they are around people.

Meanwhile Team Plasma manages to lose track of N and his companions once again due to the fog. Team Rocket notices them and decide to pursue them.

Back to Ash and the group, they state to Anthea and Concordia how they are not their enemies and that people and Pokemon can coexist with each other. N wishes that was the case and he along with Anthea and Concordia bid them farewell and they disappear. The fog clears out afterwards.

The episode ends with Ash, Iris, and Cilan seeing a mysterious castle nearby.

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