Serena XY2.png
Serena in the XY Series
Gender Female
Region Kalos
Hometown Vaniville Town
Relatives Grace (Mother)
Animé Debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
English Voice Actor Haven Paschall
Japanese Voice Actor Mayuki Makiguchi

[edit] In the Anime

Serena is one of Ash's travelling companions alongside Bonnie, and Clemont. Like Ash and Dawn, she is an only child and little is known about her father. She is often portrayed as optimistic, but to also have sassy side. (Usually towards her mother) Serena is shown to have a crush on Ash and will worries when other girls seem to get close to him. Current Pokémon:

  • Fennekin Fennekin was Serena's first Pokemon, which she obtained from Professor Sycamore in 'A Battle of Aerial Mobility!'
  • Pancham Serena captured Pancham after it caused a commotion at a Pokemon showcase. She later learned it wanted to perform and decided to catch it in 'Dreaming a Performer's Dream!'
  • Eevee

Serena XY.png

[edit] In the Game

Serena is one of your friends that go on a journey with you throughout Kalos should you choose the male character. She is often seen as strong-willed and wanting to defeat Team Flare. She is also disappointed when she is defeated for the Mega Ring.

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