Shadow Punch

Shadow Punch
Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Class

Shadow Punch is a Ghost-Type move introduced in Generation III. A punch is thrown from the shadows by the user, which is unaffected by Accuracy and Evasion modifiers, therefore it will always hit unless the target uses Protect or Detect.

Shadow Punch also receives a 20% Increase in Base Power for users that have the Iron Fist Ability.

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Level-Up

Level Pokémon
25 Haunter
25 Gengar
37 Dusclops
37 Dusknoir
13 Golett
13 Golurk

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Breeding

Egg Group Pokémon
Amorphous Grimer
Amorphous Muk

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Sketch

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