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Species Type
Snail Pokémon Bug.png
Number Ability
#616 Hydration/Shell Armor
Height Weight
1'4" (0.4m) 17 lbs (7.7kg)
Gender Ratio
Male: 50% Female: 50%
Evolves From Evolves Into
None Accelgor
Egg Group Catch Rate
Bug 200
Tier EV Yield
NFE 1 Defense Point

Shelmet (チョボマキ) is the 122nd Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex. It is a Bug Type, and it is known as the Snail Pokémon.

Shelmet can have one of two Abilities: Hydration, which heals any and all of its status ailments while it is raining, or Shell Armor, which protects it from taking a Critical Hit. A third Ability is available to Shelmet that come from the Dream World, the Overcoat Ability. This Ability protects it from taking damage as a result of the effects of weather.

Shelmet gain the opportunity to evolve into Accelgor when it is traded with a Karrablast.

Shelmet is in the Bug Egg Group, and its Egg takes approximately 3,840 Steps to hatch. It takes Shelmet One Million Experience Points to reach Level 100.


[edit] Biology

[edit] Physiology

Shelmet takes on the appearance of a snail that appears to be living inside the helmet of a knight.

[edit] Gender Differences

Shelmet doesn't have any differences to differentiate between male or female.

[edit] Game Information

[edit] Original Games

Shelmet appears at Icirrus City, Route 8, and the Moor of Icirrus during the Spring, Summer and Fall months in Black and White. In Black 2 and White 2, Shelmet can appear at Routes 6 and 11 regardless the season, and at Route 8, Icirrus City and Moor of Iccirus during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn months.

[edit] Spin-off Games

Shelmet appears at Soothing Shore Lake 2-3 and World Axle Lake B2 in Pokémon Rumble Blast.

[edit] Trading Card Game

Shelmet is listed as a Common Card in the Noble Victories and Dark Explorers sets.

[edit] Anime/Manga Information

[edit] Anime

Bianca uses a Shelmet during the episodes Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! and Evolution Exchange Excitement!, the latter of which she'd trade her Shelmet with Professor Juniper for a Karrablast, causing both to evolve.

[edit] Movies

Shelmet has yet to appear in any of the films as of writing.

[edit] Manga

Shelmet's Manga Information is unknown as of writing.

[edit] Pokémon Information

[edit] Competitive Battling

Shelmet is listed in the Not Fully Evolved Tier of Competitive Battling as it is an unevolved Pokémon.

[edit] Area Location

Game Rarity Location
Black/White 40% (Spring, Summer & Autumn) Route 8
Icirrus City
Moor of Icirrus
White 2 5% (All Seasons) Route 6
Rotue 11
White 2 5% (Spring, Summer & Autumn) Route 8
Icirrus City
Moor of Icirrus
Black 2 20% (Spring, Summer & Autumn) Route 8
Icirrus City
Moor of Icirrus
Black 2 25% (All Seasons) Route 6
Rotue 11

[edit] Pokédex Entries

Pokédex Entries

Gen Game Pokedex Entry
Pokémon Red N/A
Pokémon Blue N/A
Pokémon Yellow N/A

II Pokémon Gold N/A
II Pokémon Silver N/A
II Pokémon Crystal N/A

III Pokémon Ruby N/A
III Pokémon Sapphire N/A
III Pokémon Emerald N/A
III Pokémon FireRed N/A
III Pokémon LeafGreen N/A

IV Pokémon Diamond N/A
IV Pokémon Pearl N/A
IV Pokémon Platinum N/A
IV Pokémon HeartGold N/A
IV Pokémon SoulSilver N/A

V Pokémon Black When attacked, it defends itself by closing the lid of its shell. It can spit a sticky, poisonous liquid.
V Pokémon White It evolves when bathed in an electric-like energy along with Karrablast. The reason is still unknown.
V Pokémon Black 2 When it and Karrablast are together, and both receive electrical stimulation, they both evolve.
V Pokémon White 2 When it and Karrablast are together, and both receive electrical stimulation, they both evolve.

VI Pokémon X
VI Pokémon Y
VI Pokémon Omega Ruby
VI Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

[edit] Statistics

Base Stats
- 210 304 -
76 85 179 196
157 175 269 295
Sp. Atk
76 85 179 196
Sp. Def
121 135 229 251
49 55 149 163

[edit] Moves

[edit] Via Level-Up

Level Move Type Power Acc% Class
Start Leech Life Bug.png 20 100 Physical
4 Acid Poison.png 40 100 Special
8 Bide Normal.png ?? N/A Physical
13 Curse Ghost.png N/A N/A Status
16 Struggle Bug Bug.png 30 100 Special
20 Mega Drain Grass.png 40 100 Special
25 Yawn Normal.png N/A N/A Status
28 Protect Normal.png N/A N/A Status
32 Acid Armor Poison.png N/A N/A Status
37 Giga Drain Grass.png 75 100 Special
40 Body Slam Normal.png 85 100 Physical
44 Bug Buzz Bug.png 90 100 Special
49 Recover Normal.png N/A N/A Status
52 Guard Swap Psychic.png N/A N/A Status
56 Final Gambit Fighting.png ?? 100 Special

[edit] Via TM/HM

TM/HM No. Move Type Power Acc% Class
TM06 Toxic Poison.png -- 90 Status
TM09 Venoshock Poison.png 65 100 Special
TM10 Hidden Power Normal.png 60 100 Special
TM17 Protect Normal.png -- -- Status
TM18 Rain Dance Water.png -- -- Status
TM21 Frustration Normal.png  ?? 100 Physical
TM27 Return Normal.png  ?? 100 Physical
TM32 Double Team Normal.png -- -- Status
TM36 Sludge Bomb Poison.png 90 100 Special
TM42 Facade Normal.png 70 100 Physical
TM44 Rest Psychic.png -- -- Status
TM45 Attract Normal.png -- 100 Status
TM48 Round Normal.png 60 100 Special
TM53 Energy Ball Grass.png 90 100 Special
TM76 Struggle Bug Bug.png 50 100 Special
TM87 Swagger Normal.png -- 90 Status
TM90 Substitute Normal.png -- -- Status

[edit] Via Breeding

Move Type Power Acc% Class
Endure Normal.png -- --% Status
Baton Pass Normal.png -- --% Status
Double-Edge Normal.png 120 100% Physical
Encore Normal.png -- 100% Status
Guard Swap Psychic.png -- --% Status
Mind Reader Normal.png -- --% Status
Mud-Slap Ground.png 20 100% Physical
Spikes Ground.png -- --% Status
Feint Normal.png 30 100% Physical
Pursuit Dark.png 40 100% Physical

[edit] Via Move Tutor (Black 2/White 2)

Move Type Power Acc% Class
Bug Bite Bug.png 60 100% Physical
Gastro Acid Poison.png -- 100% Status
Giga Drain Grass.png 75 100% Special
Signal Beam Bug.png 75 100% Special
Sleep Talk Normal.png -- --% Status
Snore Normal.png 40 100% Special

[edit] Evolution Line

Evolution Line
Shelmet Accelgor
Trade for a Karrablast

[edit] Type Matchups

Type Attack Advantages Attack Disadvantages Defense Advantages Defense Disadvantages

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