Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon or Alternate coloration is a word that describes a Pokémon who is colored differently than it's original species. It's one of the many differences that a Pokémon can have within its species. In the video games, Shiny Pokémon may have a slight color change over their normal colors, or have one completely different. For example, a Pokémon like Pikachu has a slightly different shade:

Pikachu male sprite.png
Not Shiny

while a Pokémon like Kirlia completely changes colors:

Not Shiny

In the Games

Shiny Pokémon was first introduced in Generation II. This was likely because Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal were the first games that introduced color to the series (they were played on the Game Boy Color).

When a shiny Pokémon appears in the wild or from a trainer's Poké Ball, stars will surround it and make a pinging sound effect.
Stars surround a Shiny Suicune
In Generation II, this sound happens before the Pokémon's call, while in Generation III and Generation IV it happens afterward. In Pokémon Battle Revolution, a flash of light circles the Pokémon upon its release from the Poké Ball.

On the Pokémon's status screen, its shiny status is indicated in Generation II as three small stars next to its gender and in Generation III and IV as a large star on the status screen. In Generation III the Pokémon's background colour, on the status screen, will be a lighter colour and the colour of the Pokédex number will be Gold. In Generation IV, the Pokémon's Pokédex number will also be colored red instead of black.

The chance of encountering a wild Pokémon in the wild is and will always be 1/8192. Many people believe that one way of increasing your chances of getting one is by using the Poké Radar technique, which doesn't always work, because of the Pokémon who ruin the Chain most of the time. It is very hard to get 40 of the same Pokémon to appear one after another. However, the algorithm for finding a shiny Pokemon using the Pokeradar is available, and it gives a 1/200 (roughly .05%) chance of finding a shiny Pokemon when the chain has reached and surpassed 40.

Because the chances of legitimately catching a shiny Pokemon is rare, various hacking devices such as Action Replay and Gameshark have included a code to allow all wild Pokemon to become shiny. These do appear as hacks in the various legitimacy checkers which are available. There is however another way of obtaining a shiny easily, which will not show up on a checker. RNG abuse uses the Random Number Generator inside the games, which determines things like how many paces a NPC takes, and also the odds of seeing a shiny. Through a downloadable program, which requires data about your game, and about a pokemon you have just caught, you are able to make the next egg you hatch a shiny. While considered to be a glitch, there is no way to tell if a Shiny Pokemon was obtained via RNG abuse or not. Finally, there is one time consuming way of trying to see a shiny. This is called soft-resetting, and the player saves in front of a pokemon which can only be battled by interacting with it. An example is a Legendary, or the starter Pokemon. The player then proceeds to battle the Pokemon, or in the case of a starter, enter battle with it. If the pokemon is not a shiny, the buttons L, R, Select, and Start are pressed to return the game to the opening animations. The process continues until the pokemon is shiny.

In the Anime

Shiny Pokémon in the anime have appeared even before they were seen in the games. Probably the most significant one is the Shiny Ho-oh seen by Ash in the very first episode. Ash has also caught a Shiny Noctowl, which was seen in the episode Fowl Play!
Shiny Ho-oh seen in Anime

List of Shinies seen in Anime

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