Sleep is a status condition that make Pokémon unable to attack until they wake up. The moves Snore and Sleep Talk can still be used while the Pokémon is asleep. There are a few items that can wake the Pokémon up, some of these items include: Lava Cookie, Blue Flute, Awakening, Chesto Berry, Lum Berry, and more.

Pokémon with the Vital Spirit and Insomnia Abilities are unaffected by Sleep. Additionally, Sleep cannot take effect while a Pokémon is using the move Uproar, waking up any Pokémon on the field that are asleep when Uproar gets used.

A Pokémon that falls asleep while an opposing Pokémon that has the Bad Dreams Ability will automatically afflict that sleeping Pokémon with a Nightmare.

[edit] Sleep Inducing Moves

[edit] Moves Usable Against Sleeping Pokémon

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