Solaceon Town

Solaceon Town
Solaceon Town map.png

Solaceon Town (Japanese: ズイタウン Zui Town) is a town in Sinnoh located between Route 209 and Route 210. It has a lot of interesting landmarks despite it's size, including the Solaceon Ruins, the Pokemon Daycare, the Pokemon News Press, and the Lost Tower in the south.


First Visit
Persim Berry
Nanab Berry x2
Figy Berry
Pokétch App Pokémon History
Pokétch App Day Care Checker
Seal Case
HM05 Defog
Mind Plate
Odd Incense
Green Shard
When You Show Unown to the Boy
A-Z Seals x10
 ? Seals x10
 ! Seals x10
Once You've Caught All 26 Unown From A-Z and the Maniac Tunnel is Accessable
Rare Candy

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