Solid Rock

Solid Rock
English Name Solid Rock
Japanese Name ハードロック
Flavour Text
Generation IV Powers down super-effective moves.
Generation V Reduces damage from supereffective attacks.
Generation VI Reduces damage from supereffective attacks.
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Introduced In Generation IV
How Many Pokémon Have This 4

Solid Rock is an Ability introduced in Generation IV. Currently, four Pokémon have this Ability.




A Pokémon with the Solid Rock Ability doesn't take as much damage from a Super-Effective move, receiving a 25% reduction in damage from a move that is Super Effective.

In the fourth generation, a Pokémon with Solid Rock would only take half the damage from a Super Effective attack than it would normally.


Solid Rock doesn't have an effect in the overworld.

Pokémon With Solid Rock

Normal Ability

Number Pokémon Name Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Att Def Sp. Att Sp. Def Spd
323 323 Mini Sprite.png Camerupt Fire.gifGround.gif Magma Armor
Solid Rock
Anger Point 70 100 70 105 75 40
464 464 Mini Sprite.png Rhyperior Ground.gifRock.gif Lightningrod
Solid Rock
Reckless 115 140 130 55 55 40
564 564 Mini Sprite.png Tirtouga Water.gifRock.gif Solid Rock
Swift Swim 54 78 103 53 45 22
565 565 Mini Sprite.png Carracosta Water.gifRock.gif Solid Rock
Swift Swim 74 108 133 83 65 32

Hidden Ability


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