Steam Cave

Steam Cave
Steam Cave
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Steam Cave
Main Dungeon: 8 Floors
Uppermost Section: 7 Floors & Summit
Item Allowance
Money Allowance
Midway Point
Starting Level
First Visit: Fake Groudon

Steam Cave (ねっすいのどうくつ) is the ninth dungeon in the second Pokémon mystery dungeon series. This dungeon is unlocked by clearing the fog at Foggy Forest, which happens after clearing the fog.

This dungeon is divided into three sections. The main portion of the dungeon is only eight floors, followed by a seven-floor upper section, then the summit.

A Fake Groudon serves as the Boss on the first visit. After the end credits roll, a return trip to this dungeon will lead to a different Boss battle, facing off against Uxie.

Pokémon Found

Pokémon Type Floors Levels Recruit Rate

25px Farfetch'd 1-UP1 16-17 6.4%
240.png Magby 1-8 15-16 8.2%
126.png Magmar UP2-7 18-19 0.5%
193.png Yanma 1-UP1 15-16 8.2%
209.png Snubbull 1-8 16-17 6.4%
210.png Granbull UP1-7 14 0.5%
213.png Shuckle UP1-7 17-19 8.2%
218.png Slugma 1-8 15-16 8.2%
313.png Volbeat UP1-7 16-18 8.2%
314.png Illumise UP1-7 17-19 8.2%
322.png Numel 1-8 13-14 6.4%
25px Kricketune 1-UP3 16-17 4.5%
383.png Groudon Summit 30 0% (Boss)
25px Uxie Summit 42 100% (Boss)

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