Stony Cave

Stony Cave
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Stony Cave is a Mystery Dungeon that appears in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. The player character must explore this dungeon in order to collect crystals for Gurdurr. The dungeon has a total of five floors, and contains no boss at the end.

Pokémon Found

Pokémon Type Floors Levels Recruit Rate
527 Mini Sprite.png Woobat Psychic.gifFlying.gif 1-5 2 ?%
529 Mini Sprite.png Drilbur Ground.gif 1-5 2 ?%
574 Mini Sprite.png Gothita Psychic.gif 1-5 3 ?%
595 Mini Sprite.png Joltik Bug.gifElectric.gif 1-5 3 ?%
599 Mini Sprite.png Klink Steel.gif 1-5 4 ?%
628 Mini Sprite.png Braviary Normal.gifFlying.gif 3 ? ?% ^


Item Floors
MD Poke Icon.png Poké 1-5
MD Oran Berry Icon.png Oran Berry 1-5
MD Chesto Berry Icon.png Chesto Berry 1-5
MD Pecha Berry Icon.png Pecha Berry 1-5
MD Rawst Berry Icon.png Rawst Berry 1-5
MD Orb Icon.png All Power-Up Orb 1-5
MD Orb Icon.png Escape Orb 1-5
MD Orb Icon.png Health Orb 1-5
MD Orb Icon.png Rollcall Orb 1-5
MD Seed Icon.png Blast Seed 1-5
MD Seed Icon.png Heal Seed 1-5
MD Seed Icon.png Stun Seed 1-5
MD Seed Icon.png Violent Seed 1-5
MD Scarf Icon.png Defense Scarf 1-5
MD Scarf Icon.png Power Band 1-5
MD Scarf Icon.png Zinc Band 1-5
MD Elixir Icon.png Max Elixir 1-5
MD Green Box Icon.png Deluxe Box 3 ^

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