Strategy With a Smile!

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The final part of the Wallace Cup arc has finally arrived! It begins with a recap of how Ash perfected Ice Aqua Jet, but still went down in defeat in the 2nd round of the Battle Stage. Dawn now faces the same coordinator who took Ash out of the tournament with Dawn using Piplup and Kyle choosing Crawdaunt. Bubblebeam and Sludge Bomb are an even match as the battle takes to the water. Piplup gains the upper hand with a well timed Whirlpool that snags Crawdaunt. Kyle uses this to his advantage however and has Crawdaunt use the momentum for a powered-up Surf which smashes Piplup. Crawdaunt goes into Dark Pulse and Dawn has Piplup use a spinning Bide while Ash and the others look on. Kyle feels he has the advantage and has Crawdaunt go in for Crabhammer, but Piplup releases the energy and lands a direct hit on Crawdaunt. The timer sounds and Dawn is moving on to the Finals with a few points more than Kyle. The judges praise both on a competitive battle as Zoey and May wish each other luck before facing each other in their semi-final match with the winner facing Dawn in the finals!

Zoey sends out Glameow while May chooses Beautifly. May starts off with Silver Wind which hits its mark earning May an early lead. Zoey fights back by having Glameow use its tail to spring out of Silver Wind's path to get right back into it. May has Beautifly use Psychic, but can't hit as Glameow goes into Shadow Claw. The move appears to miss as the graceful dodge earns May points, but Zoey is still calm.... for a reason as Glameow traps Beautifly in a wall of water with the same Shadow Claw. Zoey then has Glameow blast Beautifly with Shock Wave as Ash and the others watch on, wandering if that was Zoey's plan from the start. Beautifly finally escapes and appears to still be raring to battle. Zoey goes for Iron Tail with Glameow, but May has Beautifly create a shield made of water by aiming Silver Wind at the water. Glameow emerges expecting to hit Beautifly, but it isn't there! Beautifly comes up from the left side and blasts Glameow with Psychic. Beautifly the uses Morning Sun at May's command to regain health and get May right back into the match. May then has Beautifly use its newest move, Aerial Ace while Zoey counters by having Glameow use Shadow Claw. The 2 moves collide in the middle as the timer sounds to signify the end of the match. The points are tight, but May just barely advances to the finals, meaning it will be May vs. Dawn in the final round!

After having a moment together backstage, Dawn and May are set to go in the final battle of the Wallace Cup. Dawn goes with Piplup while May surprisingly goes with her newly evolved Glaceon. Ash, Brock, and Zoey are watching from the stands and they wonder how May's going to show off Glaceon with its better physical power. Their question is answered fairly quickly as May has Glaceon land a successful Secret Power off of a missed Bubblebeam to open the match. Secret Power seems to have paralyzed Piplup and May has Glaceon hit Piplup with Ice Shard. Dawn tells Piplup to get into the pool thinking that the water can cure Piplup's paralysis. Her thinking pays off as Piplup emerges and fires off a Whirlpool. May has Glaceon counter with Mirror Coat to return double the damage Glaceon took from Whirlpool. Piplup gets back up and Dawn quickly orders a Bubblebeam attack which hits before May can react. May has Glaceon use Shadow Ball, but Piplup dodges with the spin move they've used so many times before. May takes advantage of the water puddles around the stage and has Glaceon go for another Secret Power. Piplup gets hit, but is able to land on both feet, seemingly unaffected. Brock and Zoey explain to Ash that in a puddle of water, it can cause sleep, but otherwise, using Secret Power there was just like using Tackle.

May goes for Shadow Ball again, but Dawn has Piplup use Bubblebeam which overpowers Shadow Ball to hit Glaceon. Dawn has Piplup go for Peck, but Glaceon dodges and uses Ice Shard. Dawn counters by having Piplup use Whirlpool which provides for a beautiful defense. With 1 minute on the clock, their points are still even! Piplup then rides the Whirlpool at Dawn's command. May has Glaceon use Shadow Ball, but that only blocks their vision. Dawn, however, knows exactly where Piplup is and has it use Bubblebeam. It emerges from the Whirlpool with a powerful Bubblebeam that hits Glaceon. May then has Glaceon fight back with Shadow Ball while Dawn has Piplup intercept with Peck. This time, Dawn's and Piplup's vision is blocked as May has Glaceon go into Ice Shard which scores a direct hit as their points are once again even with just 30 seconds left. Dawn and May acknowledge each other's skills thus far as both think as to what to do next knowing that the next sequence will determine the winner.

Dawn decides to go on the offensive with Piplup using Whirlpool. May seems to have the counter for it and has Glaceon use Mirror Coat. Both take damage and are ready to attack again, but the timer sounds to end the battle! It then shows both Dawn's and May's family and rivals as the MC describes the match that has just transpired as a "tough as nails battle". The points are finally shown, and by the slimmest of margins, Dawn is declared the winner!

Wallace presents Dawn with the Wallace Cup Ribbon and the gang is later seen saying their goodbyes to May as she prepares to head back to the Johto region as everyone wishes each other luck on their future goals and endeavors.

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