Strong Strategy Steals the Show!

Strong Strategy Steals the Show! is the 106th episode of the Best Wishes, and is a continuation of the Unova League.



Ash and Stephan are ready to start their match, in which each trainer uses 3 Pokemon, with the winner advancing into the quarterfinal rounds.

Stephan calls out Liepard while Ash calls out Krookodile. Stephan commands Liepard to use Shadow Claw, while Ash's Krookodile counters with Dragon Claw, leaving both Pokemon unharmed. Stephan follows up with Shadow Ball, only for Ash to counter once more by commanding Krookodile to use Stone Edge. Both Pokemon are shown to be evenly matched.

Liepard using Double Team to surround Krookodile

Stephan commands Liepard to use Hyper Beam, while Ash quickly commands Krookidile to use Dig, successfully dodging it. With Krookodile in the ground, Stephan tells Liepard to use Double Team, so it can't escape. Krookodile has difficulty distinguishing the real one from the rest, which gave Stephan the opportunity to follow up with Shadow Claw, as well as Shadow ball immediately after, weakening Krookidile. Still standing, Krookidile uses Stone Edge, hitting Liepard, knocking him down, but stands up moments later. Stephan commands Liepard to use Double Team once more. Ash realizing he can't dodge, tells Krookidile to use Dig. Stephan predicted Krookidile would go into the ground, therefore he orders Liepard to aim his Hyper Beam into the ground, directly hitting Krookodile out of the hole. Ash tells Krookidile not to quit and use Dragon Claw, while Stephan's Liepard counters with Shadow Claw. Both Pokemon appear to be very weak, but their trainers command them to use the same attacks once more, with Ash's Krookidile knocking out Stephan's Liepard, leaving him down to 2 Pokemon.

Zebstrika using Double Edge on Palpitoad

Stephan calls out Zebstrika while Ash substitutes his Krookodile for Palpitoad. Stephan commands Zebstrika to use Double Edge, while Ash tells Palpitoad to counter with Mudshot. Zebstrika successfully dodges and strikes Palpitoad with the attack. He attempts to follow up with Stomp, but Palpitoad evades easily. Ash commands Palpitoad to use the attack he recently learned, Sludge Wave, which inflicts poison on an opponent. It backfires, when Zebstrika uses Facade, since using Facade while under a status effect, poison in this case, increases its power dramatically, so the attack knocked Palpitoad towards the stadium wall. Ash's Palpitoad, heavily weakened, manages to barely stand. Stephan attempts to finish the match by commanding Zebstrika to use Facade again, while Ash tells Palpitoad to counter with Supersonic, confusing Zebstrika. Ash follows up with Hydro Pump, directly striking Zebstrika, but recovers immediately. The match ends with Zebstrika using Giga Impact and Palpitoad using Mud Shot, knocking each other out, leaving Stephan with 1 Pokemon and Ash with 2.

Leavanny using X-Scissor on Sawk.

Stephan calls out his final Pokemon Sawk and Ash chooses Leavanny. Stephan tells Sawk to use Bulk Up, which raises the users Attack and Defense Power. Ash commands Leavanny to use Sling Shot, successfully grabbing Sawk, although moments later, Sawk manages to breaks free. Stephan commands Sawk to use Close Combat, but Leavanny dodges very easily, with Ash remarking on how he put her through training to increase her speed. Ash tells Leavanny to follow up with X-Scissor, landing a direct hit. Stephan orders Sawk to use Karate Chop, followed by Low Sweep, but Leavanny continues to evade it. Leavanny counters with Razor Leaf, followed by Energy Ball, knocking Sawk onto the ground, although he quickly stands up. Ash attempts to finish the match by commanding Leavanny to use X-Scissior once more, but Sawk blocks the attack and counters with Low Sweep, knocking back Leavanny. Sawk successfully follows up with Close Combat, further weakening Leavanny.

Moments later, Leavanny starts to glow, in which Cilan remarks that her Swarm ability has been activated, which strengthens Bug type moves once the user's stamina is nearly depleted. Ash takes the opportunity and tells Leavanny to use X-Scissor, but Stephans commands Sawk to dodge and use Bulk Up. Ash tells Leavanny to use String Shot, wrapping Sawk once again. Leavanny follows up with multiple X-Scissors, but Stephan came up with a plan to use the X-Scissor attacks to break the strings that are wrapped tightly on Sawk. Sawk breaks free once again, and Stephan commands him to use Karate Chop, while Ash commands Leavanny to counter with Razor Leaf. Sawk's Karate Chop gets the upper hand and manages to knock out Leavanny, leaving Ash with one Pokemon remaining.

Ash calls back out his Krookodile, who's shown to be very exhausted, along with Stephan's Sawk. Stephan starts the battle with his Sawk using Close Combat, while Ash tells Krookodile to counter with Dragon Claw. Both Pokemon are shown to be evenly matched. Stephan attempts to wrap up the battle by commanding Sawk to use Karate Chop, while Ash commands Krookodile to use Aerial Ace, to everyone's surprise. This move is extremely effective against fighting types and it lands a direct hit on Sawk, knocking him out. Ash defeats Stephan and proceeds to the quarterfinal rounds. Ash and Stephan acknowledged each other on their skills and Stephan wishes Ash the best of luck in the next round.

Cameron and Virgil are shown to have won their respective matches and also advance to the quarterfinal rounds. Ash and Cameron are shown to be paired up for the next round and it was announced that the remaining rounds would be full 6 vs 6 battles.

Later in the day, Ash rejoins Cilan, Iris, Bianca, and Stephan for dinner. His friends congratulate him on adavancing to the next round, and Stephan tells Ash that he'll be cheering him on in the next round.

Cameron revealing Hydreigon, his secret weapon for Ash

That night, Ash heads to the stadium where he is scheduled to battle Cameron tomorrow. He notices a tent in the arena, and sees Cameron and Riolu stepping out. They both have a brief conversation and vow to battle each other to the fullest in their match tomorrow.

The next day arrives and the match of Ash and Cameron is the first one to take place in the quarterfinal round, with the winner advancing to the semifinal rounds. The episode ends with Cameron finally revealing his secret weapon, which he announced at the beginning of the league, which is his Pokemon, Hydreigon.

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