Sunny Day

Sunny Day

Sunny Day is a Fire-Type move introduced in Generation II. This is one of four moves that are used to initiate weather, in this case sunshine.

Upon use of Sunny Day, the weather on the battlefield changes to sunshine for five turns (eight turns if the user is holding a Heat Rock). Sunshine has many different effects on the battlefield and the Pokémon in it.

Sunshine causes Fire attacks to have their Base Power increased by 50% and Water attacks to have their Base Power decreased by 50%.

Solar Beam doesn't require any turns to charge; Thunder and Hurricane have their Accuracy reduced to 50%; Moonlight, Morning Sun and Synthesis all restore 66% of the user's HP; Weather Ball has its Base Power doubled and becomes the Fire-Type.

Pokémon with Chlorophyll have their Speed doubled; Pokémon with Dry Skin lose 12.5% of their HP each turn; Pokémon with Flower Gift have their Attack and Special Defense Statistics increased by 50%; Pokémon with Forecast become the Fire type; Pokémon with Leaf Guard are protected from status ailments; Pokémon with Solar Power have their Special Attack increased by 50% but lose 12.5% of their HP each turn.

Sunshine can also be activated if a Pokémon with Drought is sent into the battlefield. In this case, through Generation V the sunshine lasts until another weather condition is activated, or nullified by either the Air Lock or Cloud Nine Abilities. Starting in Generation VI this also lasts for five turns.


Pokémon that Learn this Move via Level-Up

Level Pokémon
42 Magmar
57 Moltres
1 Bellossom
40 Sunkern
40 Sunflora
36 Magby
29 Ho-oh
31 Seedot
20 Castform
22 Cherubi
22 Cherrim
1 Bronzong
37 Leafeon
40 Cottonee
40 Petilil
45 Maractus
43 Fennekin
51 Braixen
55 Delphox

Pokémon that Learn this Move via TM11

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Sketch

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