TM/HM List (Blue/Red)

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Technical Machines

TM #MoveLocation
*TM01Mega PunchFound at Mt. Moon
*TM02Razor WindFound at Celadon Mega Mart
*TM03Swords DanceFound at Silph Co
*TM04WhirlwindFound on Route 4
*TM05Mega KickFound on Victory Road
*TM06ToxicFound in Fuchia City Gym
*TM07Horn DrillFound in Celadon Mart
*TM08Body SlamFound aboard the S.S. Anne
*TM09Take DownFound in Saffron City
*TM10Double EdgeFound in Game Corner
*TM11BubblebeamFound in Cerulean Gym
*TM12Water GunFound in Mt. Moon
*TM13Ice BeamFound in Celadon Mega Mart
*TM14BlizzardFound on Cinnabar Island
*TM15Hyper BeamFound in Celadon City
*TM16Pay DayFound along Route 12
*TM17SubmissionFound on Victory Road
*TM18CounterFound in Celadon Mega Mart
*TM19Seismic TossFound along Route 25
*TM20RageFound along Route 15
*TM21Mega DrainFound in Vermilion Gym
*TM22Solar BeamFound on Cinnabar Island
*TM23Dragon RageFound in Celadon City
*TM24ThunderboltFound in Vermilion Gym
*TM25ThunderFound in Power Plant
*TM26EarthquakeFound at Silph Co
*TM27FissureFound in Viridian City Gym
*TM28DigFound in Cerulean City
*TM29PsychicFound in Saffron City
*TM30TeleportFound along Route 9
*TM31MimicFound in Saffron City
*TM32Double TeamFound in Fuchia City
*TM33ReflectFound in Power Plant
*TM34BideFound in Pewter City Gym
*TM35MetronomeFound in Cinnabar Island
*TM36Self DestructFound at Silph co
*TM37Egg BombFound at Fuchia City
*TM38Fire BlastFound at Cinnabar Island Gym
*TM39SwiftFound at Route 12 Lookout Tower
*TM40Skull BashFound in Safari Zone
*TM41Soft BoiledFound in Celadon City
*TM42Dream EaterFound in Viridian City
*TM43Sky AttackFound along Victory Road
*TM44RestFound aboard the S.S. Anne
*TM45Thunder WaveFound along Route 24
*TM46PsywaveFound in Saffron Gym
*TM47ExplosionFound along Victory Road
*TM48Rock SlideFound on the Celadon Mega Mart Roof
*TM49Tri AttackFound on the Celadon Mega Mart Roof
*TM50SubstititeFound on the Celadon Mega Mart Roof

Hidden Machine

TM #MoveLocation
*HM01CutFound aboard the S.S. Anne (Captain)
*HM02FlyFound along Route 16
*HM03SurfFound in the Safari Zone
*HM04StrengthFound in Fuchia City
*HM05FlashFound along Route 2

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