Tate and Liza

Tate and Liza are Gym leaders of the 7th gym in the Hoenn region. They are a double battle gym and use Psychic-Type Pokémon in battle. After earning the Mind Badge you will now have the ability to use the Dive HM outside of battle. They battle with Lunatone and Solrock.


Quote 1
Tate: Hehehe... Were you surprised?
Liza: Hehehe... Were you surprised?
Tate: That there are two Gym Leaders?
Liza: That there are two Gym Leaders?
Tate: We're twins!
Liza: We're twins!
Tate: We don't need to talk because...
Liza: We can each determine what...
Tate: The other is thinking...
Liza: All in our minds!
Tate: This combination of ours...
Liza: Can you beat it?
Quote 2
Tate: What? Our combination...
Liza: Was shattered!
Tate: It can't be helped. You've won...
Liza: So, in recognition, take this.
Quote 3
Tate: Looks like the bond between you and your Pokémon is far stronger than the bond that we share as twins.
Liza: You will become even stronger! We've battled you, so we know.
Quote 4
Tate: Pokémon...
Liza: Pokémon...
Tate: By changing the party's mix...
Liza: The battle style changes.
Tate: But me...
Liza: But me...
Tate: I'll always be with Liza!
Liza: I'll always be with Tate!
Tate: Our combination...
Liza: We'll show you again and again!
Quote 5
Tate: You and your Pokémon...
Liza: It's as if you were siblings!
Quote 6
Tate: You can knock us down, but we'll never stay down!
Liza: It's as if you were siblings!

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