Team Plasma's Pokemon Manipulation


Team Plasma's Pokemon Manipulation! is the 117th episode of the Best Wishes series and continuation of the N arc.



The episode begins with Colress and the other Team Plasma members preparing to perform more experiments on the three Pokemon they've captured, Scolipede, Deerling, and Maractus. Colress launches a beam from a device at Scolipede, which causes it to become more aggressive, as indicated by its eyes suddenly turning red. The scientist, then, increases Scolipede's power and have it launch a Solarbeam at a shield. He remarks how the results aren't at the level he expected and returns the Pokemon to normal. Colress explains to Ghetsis that he's using EM waves to increase Pokemon's power to their maximum potential. Originally the EM waves effected Pokemon in a certain range, but now Team Plasma are able to target any specific Pokemon of their choice, regardless of EM Waves. He explains that he managed to do so with a Pokemon outside of their lab. Ghetsis orders Aldith to do a test run, which she agrees.

Meanwhile, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and N are still continuing their journey to the White Ruins. Cilan mentions how the group would have to say N once they've reached the next town, where N remarks that he's heading to a location just beyond Driftveil City. At Team Plasma's headquarters, one of the members mention that they were unable to locate N, and Ghetsis tells him to continue searcing,. Another member mentions how he is unable to locate their target for their project, so they are expanding their search radius. A third member mentions that their experiments in Eastern Unova are currently underway. Lastly, one member from the White Ruins mentions that they haven't been able to find anything. Ghetsis orders him to report back immediately, when Professor Cedric Juniper finds something.

Going back to Ash and the group, they finally reach the city only to see Officer Jenny blocking off the bridge. She mentions that they can't proceed due to a Haxorus going berserk throughout the city. Everyone appears confused on what's causing the Pokemon to become angry all of a sudden. Nearby, Team Rocket overhears the conversation and states how the situation is familiar to the one in Flocessy Town and conclude that Team Plasma could be responsible. They decide to investigate.

Cilan takes the group to another area where they can cross a bridge, only to see that it's blocked off as well. Moments later, they see a boat below, which the group decides to use to make their way to the other side of the city. Once they reach the other side of the bridge, they head up the steps only to encounter Looker once again. Cilan introduces N and Looker to each other. Looker realizes that N is the one that Team Plasma is searching for.

Team Rocket arrives in the city as well, from a hot air balloon. While they are searching for a Haxorus, a large explosion occurs, therefore they decide to proceed in its direction. They finally find Haxorus and see that their assumption was correct, in that Team Plasma are the ones responsible. Team Rocket decides to head in another direction, so they won't be detected.


Aldith, of Team Plasma, states that they did an excellent job taking over the city with just a Haxorus and suggests Colress to report to Ghetsis. Colress disagrees, mentioning that Ghetsis may be dissatisfied and that he may need to create a device that will control Pokemon who are more powerful than Ghetsis.

Ash and his friends finally encounter Haxorus and observe him destroying the city. Ash quickly scans it with his Pokedex, and states that he needs to calm it down. Right as he calls out Pikachu, Iris interrupts, mentioning that she'll take care of Haxorus and starts to approach him.

As she calls out to Haxorus, the dragon Pokemon prepares to launch a Shadow Claw towards, but fortunately, N pushes her out of harm's way. The group wonders what's causing Haxorus' behavior, when Looker states that there's a presence of EM Waves. This leads everyone to suspect that the Team Plasma organization are responsible. Looker decides to activate a small device to dispel the EM Waves, but it proves to be ineffective due to the strength of the waves.

Meanwhile, with Team Rocket, they discover the device that Team Plasma is using to control Pokemon, so they decide to steal it to control any Pokemon of their choice.

As Haxorus continues attacking Ash and the group, a boy appears and attempts to calm down the dragon Pokemon, but is of no use when Haxorus launches a Hyper Beam. Ash checks to see if the boy was injured, but he confirms that he's fine. The boy confirms that he's Haxorus trainer and states that his Pokemon's original behavior was always calm and happy, but recently became aggressive and started attacking anyone that approaches it. Iris asks the trainer if he attempted to use his Pokeball, and he states that Haxorus won't listen to a word he says. N believes him and mentions that he also tried to communicate with the dragon Pokemon, but didn't have any luck. He also mentions that if Haxorus fails to calm down, it will lose all of its strength, causing his trainer to worry.

Ash reassures the trainer that Haxorus will be fine and tells Pikachu to launch a Thunderbolt, which has very little effect. Iris steps in and calls out Dragonite. She commands it to use Ice Beam, trapping Haxorus in a block of ice. It appears to be working, where suddenly the dragon Pokemon breaks free.

Charizard vs Dragonite

Team Plasma notices Ash and the group from their last encounter and their attempts to stop Haxorus, to their dismay. Despite that, Colress has taken a liking to Iris' Dragonite and uses his device to launch a laser beam towards it. Suddenly, Dragonite's eyes turns red and becomes very aggressive, similarly to Haxorus. Now under his control, Colress commands Dragonite to unleash its power throughout the city, which it starts to do immediately.

Iris attempts to call out to Dragonite, but is unsuccessful as her Pokemon attempts to use Dragon Rush, which she dodges. Ash, who's getting frustrated, calls out his Charizard. While Charizard and Dragonite exchanges attacks, Cilan calls out his Crustle to take on Haxorus.

Team Plasma realizes that Ash and the group are interrupting their plans, so they decide to head to their location. Aldeth from Team Plasma tells N that their leader, Ghetsis, is looking for him, which confuses Ash and Cilan, as they had no clue that N was once associated with Team Plasma. N refuses to go along with the organization and demands to know what they did to the Pokemon. Colress explains once more that he's increasing the Pokemon's attack power to their maximum potential. N, who's very angry at Colress' comments, states that it's wrong to artificially manipulate Pokemon and that their power is not real. Colress mentions that their power after being put under the EM Waves effect, represents who they're truly are.

Meowth's Fury Swipes

Meanwhile Team Rocket have taken a liking to Team Plasma's jet and decide that they should steal it. Ash demands Team Plasma to undo the effects that Haxorus and Dragonite are currently under. Suddenly, everyone hears a sound coming from Team Plasma's jet and see that Team Rocket is trying to pilot it. The Team Plasma grunts removed them by force and Aldeth demands to know who they are. Jessie and James perform their Team Rocket motto to introduce themselves and they call out their Woobat and Amoonguss, respectively. Aldeth calls out her Liepard. Jessie orders Woobat to use Air Slash and James orders Amoonguss to use Hidden Power. Liepard counters both attacks with a single Shadow Ball. Meowth unexpectedly attacks a Team Plasma member with Fury Swipes.

Looker finally locates the device, which is causing Team Plasma to control Haxorus and Dragonite. Going back to the battle, Charizard and Crustle are still trying to stop Haxorus and Dragonite. N states that if the two Pokemon don't stop, they'll be severely injured, so he tries to approach both of them, only to be directly hit by both Flamethrower and Hyper Beam, knocking him out cold.

Aldeth commands Liepard to use another Shadow Ball, which accidentally destroys the device that was used to control Haxorus and Dragonite. As a result, the two Pokemon return back to normal and Team Plasma decides to retreat. Colress remarks that despite the distractions, he was satisfied with the results of his experiments. Aldeth reports to Ghetsis that they've located N and the leader demands that they do whatever it takes to secure him.

Concordia and Anthea

Ash and the group rushes towards N, who's severely injured, where suddenly a fog appears before them. Moments later, two mysterious women appear with their Gothitelle and Gardevoir. The Gothitelle used Psychic to lift and carry N, and the ladies begin to walk away, while Ash and the group follows. Eventually, everyone ends up in a forest, by a nearby lake. The episode ends with Gothitelle gently dropping N's body into the water, leaving Ash, Iris, and Cilan confused.

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