Team Plasma's Pokemon Power Plot!

Team Plasma's Pokemon Power Plot! is the 112th episode of the Best Wishes series, and is a continuation of the N arc. This episode marks the anime debut of Team Plasma.



Team Plasma's Colress

The episode starts off showing a Galvantula trapped inside of a glass container. Colress, who is Team Plasma's scientist, is using the bug Pokemon for an experiment. Aldith and the two Plasma Grunts are observing the experiment, and she remarks how she looks forward to seeing how the scientist will use his device to amplify Galvantula's electrical energy. A device attaches to the glass and causes energy waves to emit. Also, a tiny device attaches to Galvantula's head, which causes it to become more aggressive and unleash high amounts of electricity. Aldith mentions how they can conquer the Unova region once the system is complete, but Colress replies that he is only interested in how he can bring out the true power of Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Ash, Iris, and Cilan arrive in Floccesy Town and embrace the scenery. Suddenly, a group of Amoonguss appear and are shown to be very aggressive, as well as have red eyes, similar to the Galvantula in Colress' experiment. They attack Ash and his friends using multiple Solar Beams, but Pikachu subdues them when he counters with a Thunderbolt. They decide take the Amoonguss to the Pokemon Center to see Nurse Joy for treatment, only to be greeted to her being heavily occupied with other trainers Pokemon. Officer Jenny approaches and explains to the group that the wild Pokemon have appeared very aggressive and are attacking people near the mountains. Moments later, a man appears and mentions that he notices a suspicious group of people at an observatory at the mountain's peak. Officer Jenny agrees to check it out, but becomes occupied when another man approaches her and mentions that a Bouffalant was rampaging throughout the town. Ash and his friends decide to head to the observatory themselves, while Team Rocket listens nearby and decides to follow them in hopes of catching Ash's Pikachu.

In Colress' lab, the scientist continues his experiment with Galvantula. The Team Plasma grunts comment on how extremely angry the Pokemon is becoming, but Aldith assures them that the bug type is completely under the team's control. Suddenly, Colress shuts off his machine, which leads to Galvantula falling unconscious. He remarks that it's possible that he may have used too much power, therefore he shifts his experiment to the next Pokemon, Beartic, in order to continue testing. Similar to Galvantula, Colress puts the device onto Beatric and explains that he's using electromagnetic(EM) waves to overload its mind, which will bring out its aggressiveness, as well as increase its attack power.

Pikachu, Axew, and the other grass types under control

Back to Ash's group, while they are making their way to the top of the mountain, they decided to take a break. A nearby traveler approaches and asks Ash if he and his friends were heading to the mountain top, which Ash confirms. The traveler advises the group to stay away from the observatory. Suddenly, Pikachu and Axew appear very aggressive, as well as the other grass type Pokemon nearby. All of the Pokemon launch their attacks towards Ash and the group, but the traveler safely pushes them out of harms way. Following that, the traveler launches a device which emits an energy field that negates the effect of the Pokemon turning on humans. He explains that he launched an EM wave shield to prevent the Pokemon from losing control and causing harm.


He then reveals his true identity as Looker, to Ash's surprise, as they first met in the Sinnoh region. Looker, a member of the International Police, introduces himself to Iris and Cilan, and explains to the group about the organization of Team Plasma. He explains how they're responsible for controlling the Pokemon near the mountains, as well as mention their goal of conquering the Unova region. Looker is currently on the lookout for the organization and Ash and his friends offer to assist, which Looker agrees, due to no sign of the EM waves nearby. He warns the group to remain close in case the waves start up once again, causing the Pokemon to become aggressive.

Nearby, Team Rocket overhears the conversation and decide to steal Team Plasma's technology, in hopes of making their process of catching Pikachu simpler. Meowth, suddenly becomes enraged once he realizes that he is tied up. Jessie and James explain that they've tied him up to prevent him from attacking again if the EM waves start again. Meowth claims to have been framed, as he have no memories of the incident.

Back at the observatory, Colress receives a transmission from Ghetsis, the leader of Team Plasma, who asks for an update on the experiment. Colress remarks that the experiment is still in its testing stages, but is coming along very well. Moments later, their conversation gets interrupted when their security system detect Ash and the group nearby. Ghetsis suggests that Colress use the Pokemon that he's experimenting on against the group, in which the scientist agrees. Colress remarks that he will need more time for his experiments, therefore Aldith decides to head with two other members outside to hold off the group.

Ash and his friends encounter the Team Plasma grunts at the Observatory entrance. The villains call out their Golbat and Magnemite, while Ash and Iris, calls Pikachu and Axew, respectively to battle. After calling out a few attacks, Aldith along with the Team Plasma grunts decide to retreat into the building, while Ash and his friends give chase, only to be greeted to Colress. After an exchange of words, Colress orders his Pokemon experiments(Galvantula, Beartic, Scolipede, Mienshao) to attack them. Ash tries to reason with the Pokemon, telling them that he doesn't want to fight, although is unsuccessful, with Colress stating that they are under his control.

Pikachu under TP's control

The four Pokemon launched their attacks towards the group, but Ash and Iris commanded Pikachu and Axew to counterattack with their movies. They successfully stopped all four of the brainwashed Pokemon, which shocked the Team Plasma grunts and left Colress impressed, remarking how they are bringing out the true strength of their Pokemon. He specifically takes an interest with Pikachu, so he plants a small device on Pikachu's head, as he did with his four brainwashed Pokemon, putting the electric Pokemon under his control. Looker attempts to use his device to cancel the effect of the EM waves, but is unsuccessful due to the waves overloading. Ash pleads for Pikachu to relax, but is quickly ordered by Aldith to attack the group. Ash immediately gets back on his feet and continues reasoning with Pikachu, but is of no effect, as Colress turns up his machine's power. Aldith remarks how the electric Pokemon can't hear a word Ash's is saying, but Ash disregards her words and continues to call out for Pikachu. Eventually Ash's voice reached Pikachu and the electric mouse managed to break free from Colress' control, to everyone's surprise.

Colress appears impressed with Pikachu's abilities, but Aldith remarks how he has no time to continue his experiments and calls for Beartic to attack. Suddenly, a device appears on their machine and starts hacking for information. Colress attempts to stop the hacking, but his machine explodes, setting the four Pokemon free from under his influence. Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket are the ones responsible and introduce themselves, mentioning to Team Plasma that they would be using their data to successfully kidnap Pikachu before escaping the Observatory. Despite the interruption, Colress states that he has all of the necessary info and he and the rest of Team Plasma decide to retreat from the Observatory. Looker attempts to follow the villains, only to be greeted to a countdown for the self destruction of the Observatory. Therefore, Ash and his friends evacuate from the area and quickly jump into nearby bushes, as the building explodes. After the smoke clears, Ash make sure Galvantula, Beartic, Scolipede, Mienshao are safe. Meanwhile, Team Plasma catches up to Team Rocket's air balloon and attacks them, blasting them off.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Pikachu and Axew are shown to be healed, and Nurse Joy mentions that the other four Pokemon will be fine as well. Looker reports to Office Jenny, mentioning how Team Plasma escaped and that the investigation will continue. The episode ends with Looker leaving the group to continue his case, while Ash, Iris and Cilan, resume their journey to the White Ruins.

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