Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!


Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony! is the 121st episode of the Best Wishes series and a continuation of the N arc.




The episode continues exactly where the previous episode left off, with Team Plasma ordering all of the Pokemon they're controlling to attack Iris, Cilan and everyone else. Iris and Cilan call out Dragonite and Crustle to temporarily stop the mind controlled Pokemon from getting close. They use that time to escape with Professor Cedric Juniper to a safe area, while Looker heads towards another direction.

Meanwhile, underground, Ash and N start to search for an opening in which they can exit and return above ground. N remarks that he can sense all of the Pokemon fighting and that he must hurry in order to stop them from getting injured.

Back above ground, Colress is becoming annoyed with Dragonite and Crustle getting in his way, so he prepares to use his mind control device on them. Professor Cedric Juniper warns Iris and Cilan of the device, and as a result, they decide to call their Pokemon back inside of their Pokeballs. They attempt to run, but they become surrounded and eventually captured by Team Plasma.

Looker is slowly making his way toward Colress' device, but is aware that he can't take the group on by himself. He's hoping that the back up forces of the International Police appear before Team Plasma successfully obtain the Light Stone, which they plan to use for Reshiram's Awakening Ceremony.

Ash and his team

Back underground, Ash and Pikachu start to dig to escape above ground. N appears startled, which leads to Ash questioning N if there's any issues. N replies that he once sensed a lot of screaming, then all of a sudden, there's silence. Ash tells N that Professor Cedric Juniper taught him that he shouldn't quit despite how terrible the situation may be. He continues digging with Pikachu in hope that they'll escape. Moments later, Ash releases his remaining Pokemon: Charizard, Oshawott, Pignite, Krookodile, and Snivy, to help dig through the rubble. N, who's moved by Ash's optimism, eventually joins him to help dig as well.

Ghetsis is shown to be heading towards the White Ruins. Aldeth is frustrated that the team hasn't made much progress. Knowing the Ghetsis will be at the location at any moment, she orders one of the members to send a team underground to retrieve N and bring her the Light Stone.

As the mind controlled Pokemon are ordered to widen the hole with their attacks, Ash, all of his Pokemon, and N break through from another hole nearby. Team Plasma notices N and immediately sends their Liepard towards him. The group of Liepard launches Shadow Balls towards N, but Charizard steps in and takes multiple hits, knocking him down. The Liepard launches more Shadow Balls, but Pignite uses Flamethrower to negate the attacks. N notices the bond that both fire type Pokemon have with each other.

Ash, Pignite, and Charizard

Charizard manages to get back on its feet and Ash commands both him and Pignite to use Flamethrower towards the Pokemon that Team Plasma is controlling. Krookodile suddenly steps in and uses a powerful Dig to launch dirt in the Pokemon's faces. Oshawott and Snivy wants to assist as well, therefore Ash commands Oshawott to use Hydro Pump and Snivy to use Leaf Storm, with each of the attacks landing direct hits.

Colress takes the opportunity to prepare his device to control Ash's Pokemon. Iris yells for Ash to call his Pokemon back inside his Pokeball. While Ash starts to return them inside, Colress prepares to fire, although Looker temporarily interrupts him. The Team Plasma members prevented him from getting any closer. After Ash recalled all of his Pokemon, he realizes that Pikachu doesn't have a Pokeball and Colress launches a laser from his device towards Pikachu, to Ash's surprise.


The electric Pokemon becomes under Colress' control once again. Pikachu turns to Iris, Cilan, and Professor Cedric Juniper and repeatedly launches Thunderbolts towards their area, as they run away. Ash steps in front of Pikachu and tries to get the electric Pokemon to calm down, but Pikachu directly strikes Ash with multiple Thunderbolts, knocking him unconscious.

N, who's worried about Ash, prepares to surrender himself. He states that he's willing to offer himself and the Light Stone up to Team Plasma if they release the EM waves that's controlling Pikachu. If they refuse, N threatens to destroy the Light Stone.

Colress stops the EM Waves and Pikachu notices that Ash is unconscious. Pikachu falls unconscious as well, shortly after. N mentions that he won't allow Team Plasma to hurt Ash anymore and that he learned so much from traveling with him and his friends. N proceeds to walk towards the direction of Team Plasma. Iris, Cilan, and Cedric Juniper beg for N not to give up the Light Stone.

Team Plasma's Ghetsis

Suddenly, Ghetsis makes his entrance at the White Ruins and Team Plasma begins to make the final preparations for the awakening ceremony for Reshiram. Ash and Pikachu regain consciousness, only to see that everyone is watching Ghetsis prepare for the ceremony. N tells Ghetsis not to make the same mistake, but Team Plasma's leader interrupts N, stating that he won't repeat the past due to Colress' control device.

As Ghetsis is beginning the ceremony, N begs for Reshiram to remain the form of the Light Stone. The episode ends with everyone watching as Ghetsis prepares to awaken Reshiram.

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