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Template:PokéInfo is the main infobox for use on all Pokémon pages. It is important you read this whole documentation before adding it to pages.


[edit] Main Usage

|evolves from=
|evolves into=
|egg group=
|catch rate=
|ev yield=

[edit] Usage Notes

Most fields are self-explanatory, but a few important notices:

[edit] Type / Type2

If the Pokémon doesn't have a second type, don't put in the typage2 parameter. Else put both in and assign a type to them both like this:

These parameters are very important as they define the color for the template. There is a "glitch" option as well for Pokémon without types.

[edit] Male / Female

Are the encounter rates. Put them like this:

[edit] Navigation

Put the syntax like this:
Without links for it to work properly.

[edit] Gen

Generation Pokémon first appeared in. Use either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7.

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