How to Use

Template:Table is a pair of templates meant to provide an automated, easy to use, unified table appearance across this Pokémon wiki. To use this template, use {{Table/Start}} instead of the table start markup {|, and {{Table/End}} instead of the table end markup |} To create the table's rows, simply use the usual wiki markup. This template doesn't change the input method for cells, rows and columns in any way.

You can find a quick guide to tables here: http://neowiki.neoseeker.com/wiki/Help:Tables#Formatting_a_Table or here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Tables

The templates to be used are:

Table/Start Parameters


|width= width of the table (default: 200px)
|divBorderWidth= width of the outside div border (default: 1px)
|tableBorderWidth= width of the inside table border (default: 1px)
|tableBorder= 1 for table borders, 0 for no table borders (default: 1)
|fontSize= font size for the content of the table (title not affected) (default: 14px)
|float= determines if the table will float left, right or none (default: none)
|height= height of the table. if the content overflows the table, a vertical scrollbar will appear. (default: blank)


Colors are managed using Template:Tint, and only parameters defined in this template will be recognized as valid colors. Colors include all Types, Stats, Games, Gens, and a few other specials, all coming with additional _light and _dark variants.

|color= overall color theme (default: dragon)
|outColor= background color of the outside div. overrides the "color" parameter for the outside div if set. (default: dragon)
|outBorderColor= color of the outside div border. overrides the "color" parameter for the div border if set. (default: dragon_dark)
|inColor= background color of the inside table. overrides the "color" parameter for the inside table if set. (default: dragon_light)
|inBorderColor= color of the inside table border. overrides the "color" parameter for the inside table border if set. (default: dragon_dark)

Collapsible Table

|collapsible= set it to "yes" to make the table collapsible (default: no)
|collapsed= set it to "yes" to make the table initially collapsed when opening the page. requires "collapsible" to be set to "yes". (default: no)


|title= title of the table (default: blank)
|rawTitle= more flexible way of setting "titles" across mutliple column and/or rows, using table markup (default: blank)

Table/End Parameters

Named Parameter

|belowTheTable= content to be put right below the table, inside the div (default: blank)

Numbered Parameter

|input "clear" to add a line break after the table if it is floated (default: blank)