Temporal Tower

Temporal Tower is the final dungeon in the main story of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. It is the home of Dialga and is located in the Hidden Land.

It has a save point after the thirteenth floor. Then comes the Temporal Pinnacle (which has 10F). At the Temporal Summit, players encounter Dark Dialga, which must be defeated in order to complete the story. At the second encounter, Dialga can be recruited.


[edit] Access Requirements

Temporal Tower can be accessed by finding the Rainbow Stoneship in the Ancient Ruins. After the credits have rolled, Temporal Tower can only be accessed by way of Hidden Land.

[edit] Pokémon Found

None of the Pokémon found at Temporal Tower can be recruited, with the acception of Dialga on the second trip.

[edit] Temporal Tower

All Pokémon found in this portion of the Dungeon are on floors one through thirteen only.

[edit] Temporal Pinnacle

Each of the Pokémon found in this portion of the dungeon are on floors 1 through 10 only.

[edit] Boss Pokémon

  • Dark Dialga (Summit, First Trip)
  • Dialga (Summit, Obtainable Once the Credits have Rolled)

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