The Best at Being the Worst

This is a song from Pokemon Live.

Meowth: We're the best at being the worst. We're statistically number one. James: Yeah, a hundred percent... Jessie: Incompetent. Meowth: Hey, that's never been done!

We're very good at being very bad. It's our rate of success that's sadly been weak. Jessie: We'll just have to accept James: we're completely inept. Meowth: But that's what makes us so unique.

James: We're the Hindenburgs of crime. Jessie: We crash and burn each and every time. James: Masters of disasters. Jessie: No one screws up faster. James: Hey! Both: At failure we shine!

We're an imperfect ten. All: Team Rocket blasting off again! J&J: So I guess we're just cursed. Meowth: And you've heard it here first - All: We're the best at being the worst!

J&J: Who'd guess we'd get so far James: by being completely sub-par. Jessie: As losers we raised the bar. J&J: Now we're superstars.

All: We're the best at being the worst. Jessie: At coming in last we're always the first. James: Our flaws are top drawer. Meowth: We define Murphy's law.

All: We're the best at being the worst. We're totally immersed. And incredibly well-versed. We're the best at being the worst.

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