The Dream Continues!

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JP First Airing
September 26, 2013
US First Airing
December 7, 2013
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The Dream Continues! is the 142nd and final episode of the Best Wishes series as it concludes Ash's journey across the Unova region and the Decolore Islands.



The episode begins with Ash and Alexa passing more Kanto Pokemon and finally approaching Pallet Town. They reach the hill and are overlooking the entire town. Alexa is amazed and states that this is the region, in which Ash decided to pursue his dream of Pokemon Master. Ash is excited to be home and begins walking through Pallet Town. Alexa mentions that all of Ash's Pokemon must be at home excited for his return, but Ash corrects her, stating that all of his Pokemon resides at the lab of Professor Oak. Ash is enthusiastic about heading over to the lab to see the Professor and his Pokemon, but Alexa stops him, mentioning that he should first visit his mother, as she may want to see him, and Ash agrees. They both briefly separate and decide to meet at Professor Oak's lab at a later time.

Ash's 8 Unova Badges

Ash finally arrives home, where he greets his mother and Mr. Mime. Ash's mother, Delia, appears enthusiastic to see her son. She asks for Ash's backpack, as she's sure that he has clothes for her to wash. She also mentions how proud she was of Ash for putting a great amount of effort. Ash replies that he didn't managed to win the Unova League. Before he could continue, Delia interrupts, telling Ash to wash his hands and that he can continue the story while they eat.

Ash heads into the room and takes out his badge case. He puts it on his shelf along with his other mementos from previous journeys, such as the Soothe Bells from Sinnoh, and the plaque he received for completing the Battle Frontier in Kanto. He heads back downstairs to have a hot drink that his mother made for him. Delia mentions how she's invited Alexa and Professor Oak for dinner later in the evening. She suddenly releases that Ash is enthusiastic about reuniting with his old Pokemon, so she allows him to lead towards the lab. Ash tells his mother that he'll return later.

Meanwhile at Professor Oak's lab, Alexa is interviewing the Professor, who's showing off a Bulbasaur. The Professor is explaining how he holds some of the Pokemon that can be seen throughout the Kanto region, as well as mentions how he's responsible for giving new trainers their Pokemon starter. She questions Professor Oak on how he handles the conflicts among the Pokemon, where he replies that Bulbasaur is the Pokemon that resolves any issues that occurs. Alexa assumes that Bulbasaur belongs to the Professor, but he confirms that the Pokemon belongs to Ash.

Ash, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur

Ash finally arrives at Professor Oak's lab and as he jumps over the fence, a herd of Tauros immediately runs over Ash. Professor Oak comments how often the Tauros trample Ash whenever they see him. Ash and Pikachu reunite with his Bulbasaur, commenting on how great he looks. Ash suddenly realize and apologizes for interrupting Alexa's interview with Professor Oak, but Alexa doesn't mind. He also questions Tracy's whereabouts and Professor Oak confirms that Misty incited him to the Cerulean Gym. Ash appears disappointed for missing Tracy once again, which leads to Alexa questioning the Professor about his assistant and the rest of his staff. Professor Oak confirms that he and Tracy are the only ones operating the entire lab, which surprises Alexa.

Professor Oak mentions that the most interesting thing about his job are the trainers who would often return to visit him with Pokemon he's never seen from other regions. Although Professor Oak is a researcher, there are numerous Pokemon in existence that he's never discovered. He immediately takes a liking to Helioptile and grabs her ear, without realizing that he's making her uncomfortable. She unexpectedly attacks Professor Oak in order to free herself. Ash questions the Professor if he met Gogoat, which he confirms that he has, while a flashback is shown with the Professor riding the Pokemon. He also asks if the Professor has seen Alexa's Noivern, which he hasn't. Alexa appears hesitant to release it, stating that Professor Oak may become overwhelmed, but the professor assured her that everything will be fine. Therefore, Alexa calls out her Noivern, who the professor has taking a huge liking to as well. Professor Oak grabs Noivern in a way that makes him uncomfortable, causing him to attack the professor. Ash mentions how extremely powerful Noivern is, and the Pokemon suddenly bites Ash's head. Alexa quickly throws a berry, getting Noivern's attention before returning him inside his Pokeball. Alexa apologizes, but Professor states that it's necessary to experience a Pokemon's attack head on to get a better understanding of it.

Suddenly, Professor Oak's Rotom appears. He asks Rotom to return with him to the lab. He also states to Alexa that he's working on a research paper of the changes on Rotom's multiple forms. Professor Oak and Alexa decide to head back to the laboratory, while Ash remains outside with his Pokemon.

Ash asks Bulbasaur to gather all of his Unova Pokemon. Bulbasaur launches a special Solar Beam that signals his Unova Pokemon to gather. Professor Oak explains to Alexa that Bulbasaur's Solar Beam is designed to signal his Pokemon and that the attack appears in different colors and patterns, depending on which group of Pokemon from the different regions(Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and now Unova) are called.

All of the Unova are now gathered, and Ash expresses his gratitude for all of the effort they put into their battles and the accomplishments he made in that region. He states how he's become very strong, despite his loss at the Unova League, and all of his Pokemon cheers him on. Ash lies on the grass, looking at the sky, mentioning how all of his friends are working hard towards their dreams. He remembers all of the friends he's made throughout his journey: Gary, Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, and Cilan. With the Pokemon by his side, Ash states that he won't lose. Ash reassures that his dream to becoming a Pokemon Master is as strong as ever.

Ash looks at Helioptile and mentions that there are tons of Pokemon that he's never seen. Professor Oak and Alexa arrive once again and confirm that they're done with the interview. Ash questions Alexa if the Kalos region have many new Pokemon, as well as a Pokemon League, an Elite Four, and an Elite Four Champion, which Alexa confirms. Ash starts to become extremely excited and tells Pikachu that they should head to the Kalos region for their next adventure.

Ash's Unova Pokemon

Suddenly a Will-O-Wisp attack strikes the group. Ash, Alexa, and Professor Oak discovers that it's Team Rocket, who recites their motto. They pull out a bunch of weapons from their balloon, but Ash orders Pikachu, Charizard, and all of the Unova to attack. In order: Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Pignite use Flamethrower, Snivy uses Leafstorm, Oshawott uses Hydro Pump, Unfezant uses Air Cutter, Scraggy uses Focus Blast, Leavanny uses Energy Ball, Boldore uses Flash Cannon, Palpitoad uses Mud Shot, Krookodile uses Stone Edge, and Charizard uses Flamethrower. All eleven moves combine to one attack to blast off Team Rocket.

Back at Ash's home, Delia is preparing a new outfit for Ash.

At Team Rocket's headquarters, Giovanni praised Jessie, James, and Meowth on their impressive work throughout the Unova region, specifically defeating Team Plasma. He questions what the team has accomplished doing since Team Plasma was disassembled, although Jessie, James, and Meowth doesn't respond immediately, as they don't they haven't accomplished anything. This caused Giovanni to become angry. Fortunately, Meowth mentions that they caught Pokemon, which can't be found outside of Kanto. Jessie gives up her Woobat and Frillish and James gives up his Amoonguss and Yamask before heading out of their meeting.

The two appear disappointed that they had to give up their Pokemon, but they quickly shrugged it off and confirm that they'll still attempt to capture Pikachu. They plan to wait for Ash's next step before coming up with a plan. Suddenly, Wobbuffet appears from behind.

Going back to Ash's home, Ash, Delia, Professor Oak, and Alexa are having their dinner. Ash confirms that he'll be heading with Alexa to the Kalos region early in the morning. Delia appears very surprised at her son leaving so soon. Alexa mentions to Ash that he must compete in the eight Gym Battles and that he can start with the Gym that her little sister resides in, which excites Ash even more. Professor Oak comments on how Ash is always prepared to take on new challenges. Delia mentions that she's not too surprised and suddenly walks out of the kitchen. Everyone appears to be worried about Delia, but she returns with a smile on her face and presents a new outfit for Ash. She gives him his outfit, stating that she knew that he wanted to head out immediately. Ash thanks his mother for the new clothes and Delia wishes her son the best of luck in the Kalos region.

Outside of their house, Team Rocket is listening to the group's conversation and take note about Ash leaving for the Kalos region. They decide to pursue Ash in that region immediately, and they set off in their balloon, vowing to capture Pikachu. Later into the night, Ash is still awake due to his excitement of his upcoming journey in the Kalos region. He thanks Pikachu for always being by his side and states that the two will always remain a team. Ash mentions that he must continue to become stronger and reach his goal of Pokemon Master.

Ash's new outfit

Morning arrives and everyone is at the airport. Ash appears in his new outfit, ready to head to the Kalos region. Delia asks Pikachu to look after Ash, while Professor Oak looks forward to seeing the new Pokemon that Ash will obtain in the new region. Ash says goodbye to his mother and Professor Oak before boarding the plane with Alexa. The plane finally takes off, as Ash becomes excited about his upcoming adventures.

Finally, the episode ends with a brief scene,in which Delia is looking at a group picture of Ash and all of his Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

This episode brings Ash and Pikachu's Unova journey to a close.

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  • In the English dub, the footage at the very end of the episode, in which Ash's mother is looking at the group picture of Ash's Pokemon was cut entirely.

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