The Journalist from Another Region!


The Journalist from Another Region is the 134th episode of the Best Wishes series and is a continuation of Ash and his friends' journey across the Decolore Islands.



The episode begins with Ash, Iris, and Cilan disembarking on Harvest Island, where Porter explains how the island is well known for its variety of fruits. He also states that the Harvest Festival will be taking place today. The group decides to head to the location of the festival.


While they are walking along a path, they encounter a Pokemon that they haven't seen before. Ash scans it in his Pokedex, but he is unable to obtain any data of the Pokemon. Cilan states that the Pokemon may not be from Kanto or Unova. Ash doesn't care, as he attempts to capture the Pokemon regardless of where it's from. Ash runs towards the Pokemon, who appears very startled, and challenges it to a battle. He immediately calls for Pikachu to launch a Thunderbolt. Suddenly, a woman appears and tells Ash and Pikachu to stop the attack. The mysterious Pokemon launches an unknown move, knocking back Ash and Pikachu.

The woman apologzies and makes sure that Ash isn't harmed. She explains that her Pokemon is very timid and will react like that whenever it gets cornered. Cilan asks of the Pokemon's name, where the woman replies that it's her Helioptile, from her home region, Kalos. Suddenly, another mysterious Pokemon appears, which Ash isn't able to receive data from his Pokedex. The woman states that the Pokemon name is Gogoat, who's also from the Kalos region. She finally introduces herself as Alexa and that she was searching for her Helioptile, when it ran off. The group also introduces themsevles to Alexa.

Alexa mentions that Ash's Pikachu seems very unique. She traveled all over the world and encountered numerous Pokemon, but she's taking an extreme liking towards Pikachu. She quickly takes a snapshot of Pikachu and states that she's a Pokemon Journalist.


The group starts to make their way toward the festival. Along the way, Ash asks what exactly a Pokemon Journalist do, and Alexa replies that they write magazines for newspapers and take pictures. She pulls out a magazine, which shows the articles that she's written and pictures that she's taken. Iris compliments Alexa, calling her an amazing person, when Alexa simply mentions that she wants everyone to see a Pokemon's true colors. A brief flashback is shown with Alexa hiding in a bush and observing the group of Swanna at a nearby lake. They were preparing to migrate. Alexa shows the image of the Swanna to Ash and his friends.

Alexa mentions that she plans on writing an article on the Pokemon Sumo Tournament that takes place every year at the Harvest Festival. Ash is unaware of the event, so Alexa explains the origins of the festival.

She tells the origin story: For many years, many fruit have grown on Harvest Island and people and Pokemon were living in prosperity. Unfortunatley, as time went on, Pokemon started claiming fruit as their own, which led to a huge conflict among the Pokemon. That conflict resulted in many of the fruit getting wiped out. Two powerful Pokemon, Ursaring and Beartic, fought for the last remaining fruit, but the result was a stalemate. Suddenly, a boy appears and offered to split the fruit into two pieces, stating that it's best to share. Eventually the forest returned to its original state and continues to produce fruit today

Alexa mentions that people come to protect the forests and organized a yearly festival as a sign of gratitude to prevent another conflict from occuring. She mentions that the Sumo tournament was created in order to never forget the conflict of the past, while at the same time, encouraging people to enjoy it as a sport. Ash mentions that he entered a Sumo tournament before, and Alexa encourages Ash to participate in the tournament today. Moments later, the group finally arrived at the Harvest Festival.

The announcer states that registration is open and presents the prizes that everyone will be competing for. Iris and Cilan both decide to register, to Ash's surprise, but he states that he won't hold back on them. Ash starts to think about the Pokemon he will register for the tournament. Oshawott suddenly appears from his Pokeball and wants to be the one to compete, but after seeing a Golurk pass by, the water type Pokemon changes his mind. Ash eventually chooses Pignite for the tournament, Iris decides to go with Dragonite, and Cilan decides to go with Pansage.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket, who are dressed in disguises, discuss their plans to kidnap Pikachu. Jessie decides to enter the tournament, in hopes of getting close to Ash's Pikachu.


There's plenty of time until the start of the tournament, therefore Alexa offers the group to try some of the berries that the island is known for, which they agree to do. Ash walks up to the stand and ask for a particular berry, but he's accidentally knocked down by a random Trainer. The trainer takes the berry that Ash asked for and they both start arguing before Iris and Cilan stops them. The trainer takes off, angering Ash. Iris and Cilan points out that there are other berries for Ash to try and Alexa states that the festival is no place for a fight, and Ash agrees.

The group is sitting on a bench, enjoying their fruits, while Alexa is using her Helioptile to charge her headphone-like device to full power. Ash praises the electric type Pokemon, but Helioptile appears to be afraid of Ash from their earlier encounter.

Moments later, fireworks appear, which indicate that the Sumo tournament is about to begin. The announcer explains the rules, stating that if a Pokemon uses a move, leaves the ring, or touches the ground other than their feet, they will be eliminated. The first match consists of the trainer, who Ash encountered earlier, and his Golurk, against Jessie and her Golem, who's really Meowth in disguise. Ash and the group comments on how unusual looking the Golem is. The trainer orders the Golurk to head after Golem. Golurk manages to knock Golem out of the ring with one attack, which also results in Team Rocket getting blasted off.

Dragonite vs Beartic

Ash, Iris, and Cilan are all aware of how strong Golurk, but they still decide to proceed with the tournament. A brief montage of the matches are shown before the episode shifts to the current match of Iris and her Dragonite against a trainer and his Beartic. Iris' Dragonite manages to grab Beartic and toss it out of the ring. Iris, as well as Ash, praise Dragonite, but the announcer unexpectedly gave the win to Beartic, due to Dragonite's tail touching the ground outside of the ring. Iris appears extremely disappointed, but Ash attempts to cheer her up, stating that Dragonite is the best when it comes to strength.

The next match puts Cilan and his Pansage against a trainer and his Mightyena. Pansage successfully dodges Mightyena's attacks, but is eventually struck and knocked out of the ring, eliminating Cilan from the Sumo tournament.

Pignite vs Golurk

Another brief montage is shown with Ash and Pignite defeating Watchog, Slaking, and Rhyperior. The episode shifts to the final round between Ash and the trainer he encountered earlier in the episode, who's introduced as Rodney, and he is using his Golurk. Golurk begins charging and attempts to thrust his arms towards Pignite, but the fire type Pokemon easily dodges. Ash commands Pignite to circling around him, allowing the Pokemon to strike Golurk from behind. Golurk appears weak, but he manages to remain in the ring. Ash and Rodney compliments each other's Pokemon before resuming the match. Pignite attempts to lift up Golurk, but the rock Pokemon kicks Pignite away. Golurk attempts to follow up by using his hands to push Pignite out of the ring, but the fire Pokemon dodges, grabs Golurk's hand and toss the rock Pokemon out of the ring, giving Ash the victory and winning the entire Sumo tournament.

Ash is presented the Focus Band, which he gives to Pignite, as well as a large supply of fruit. He notices that Rodney and his Golurk are sitting on the side, appearing very disappointed about their defeat. Ash walks up to Rodney and offers him a fruit. He states that the Harvest Festival began due to everyone sharing fruit and managing to live in peace after the conflict in the past. Rodney splits the fruit in half and gives the piece back to Ash. They both finally become friends, as Iris and Cilan watches and are now relieved to see them getting along.

Ash decides to give all of the fruit away to the people of Harvest Island and everyone continues to spend the day enjoying the Harvest Festival.

Sunset arrives and Ash and his friends prepare to leave, telling Alexa that they are heading to the Kanto region. Alexa mentions that she's heading to Kanto as well. The episode ends with Alexa deciding to tag along with the group, and everyone proceed towards the ship to their next destination.

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