The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon is a special, and TPCi's first special/episode/movie of the anime and had the test voice acting for the new roles. Unlike most things that are Pokémon, the special was aired in North America before Japan. The opening song is Pokémon Go!

This movie features Ash Ketchum getting a letter of challenge at the mirage Castle. At the castle, Ash and his friends meet up with Professor Oak and Misty. They meet Dr. Yung, the Meader of this castle. He shows them his mirage Pokémon and battles. He has illegal moves on his Pokémon and defeats Misty. Just then, Aerodactyl swoop down, trying to capture any of the heroes. The Aerodactyl is being controlled by the Mirage Master. Dr. Yung and Professor Oak are captured, and Ash, Brock, Misty, May, and Max figure out that the mirage Pokemon can not go outside the laboratory/castle. Ash and Misty, along with Squirtle and Starmie, get into the river and swim to try to rescue Oak and Yung.

They find what seems to be a basement filled with strong Pokémon such as Machamp. The Machamp captures Pikachu and takes it to the mirage master. Ash tries to save Pikachu, but cannot. The Machamp take Misty and she almost falls to her death, but May saves her.

Ash meets a Mew, which unlike the other mirages, is a friendly Pokémon. Mew stays with Ash. The Mirage Master demands to know the password to access Oak's data. Oak reveals the password is "REDGREEN", a reference to the original games. Mirage Master wants to create the ultimate Pokémon, one with no weaknesses. He takes Pikachu's memories of Legendary Pokémon and creates his ultimate mirage Pokémon, Mewtwo. Oak and Pikachu are released, but Yung is not. Outside, they battle. Ash and his friend's Pokémon are no match for Mewtwo, but Mew gives up its life to save them and beat Mewtwo. It is revealed that the Mirage Master is, in fact, Dr. Yung.

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