The Name's N!

The Name's N! is the 110th episode of the Best Wishes, and it is the continuation of the N arc.



Genesect on a monitor

The episode starts out with a man, named N, who's in the abandoned ruins. He heads to a nearby device to connect some wires, which resulted in the monitor showing a Genesect and its data briefly, before the device breaks permanently.

Meanwhile, Ash, Iris, and Cilan, are on a ship heading to their next destination, Aspertia City. While sightseeing, they all noticed an abandoned ruins on a nearby land, so Cilan looked up the area and remarked that it was the sight of the P2 Laboratory, which was a research facility.

The ship arrives at a nearby port and the group notices that N, who's on the ground, is watching them. They wonder who that man was and once they took a second look, N disappeared. On the ship nearby, Team Rocket is spying on the group, planning a plot to capture Pikachu.

Later, the ship leaves the port and Iris mentions that there's a battleship on board, so she takes Ash and Cilan to that particular area of the ship. Ash decides to challenge Iris to a battle, in hopes of being prepared to take on the gym leader of Aspertia City, and Iris accepts. Moments later, Pikachu senses someone nearby, so Ash and his friends look around and they see N, the same person who the group saw at the port. He remarks Pikachu's cuteness and Ash thanks him. Ash asks the man why he was staring earlier, where he remarks that he heard a friend's voice, the friend being the term he refers to, for all Pokemon. N also remarks that he's able to hear the inner voice of Pokemon and can tell that Pikachu has a uniquely strong bond with Ash, which he finds extremely rare. Cilan, who's confused, asks N if he can really can hear the inner voice of a Pokemon, since he finds that difficult to believe. N replies that he convinced himself to and mentions that it's not important and respect Cilan's beliefs.

Ash and the group introduce themselves, and N remarks that it's always great to encounter new people and make friends. N asks Ash where he and his friends are headed, where Ash replies that they are heading to the White Ruins, that have something to do with the Legendary Pokemon, Reshiram. N becomes shocked and have a flashback of Reshiram possibly attempting to destroy the world. Ash asks N if there's a problem, since the man looked confused, but N remarked that it was nothing. N mentions that if he ever got to meet Reshiram, he would consider himself lucky. This leads to Cilan mentioning that Ash had encountered Zekrom, earlier in his journey, which shocks N once more. He asks if Ash can explain more of his Zekrom encounter, which he agrees.

N and Reshiram

The group head into a dining room on the ship, where they are all sitting at a table. Ash explains to N how he encountered Reshiram, while a flashback from the first episode of the Best Wishes series, In the Shadow of Zekrom!, plays. Afterwards, N asks Ash if he's aware of the history of Zekrom, but he doesn't recall. Cilan mentions how Cedric Juniper recently told Ash about the legends, and Iris remarks about him being forgetful. Therefore, N gives a long explanation regarding the legendaries of Zekrom and Reshiram.

Afterwards, Cilan asks N why is he so interested in the two legendary Pokemon. N replies that he simply wants to know more about the Pokemon world. He wonders why Pokemon exist and wants to know that their lives has meaning, and by meeting Reshiram and Zekrom, he may possibly get some answers. After his explanation, he asks Ash to talk about his dreams, where he replies that he wants to become a Pokemon Master. N seems surprised, but Ash continues speaking on about his performance in the Unova League and how he vows to do better at the next tournament he competes in. N seems upset and mentions that he dislikes the idea of forcing Pokemon to battle. He decides to leave the group and head outside, telling them that speaking too much while getting worked up is a terrible habit he has.

The group finally have their lunch, while wondering why N rushed out of the room, so they plan to look for him later. Nearby, Team Rocket is shown spying on the group once again, mentioning that a Pokemon battle is the perfect opportunity to kidnap Pikachu.

Boldore vs Excadrill

After lunch, the group heads to the battlefield, where Ash and Iris prepare for a battle. Iris calls out her Excadrill, while Ash calls out his Boldore. Ash starts out the match by commanding Boldore to use Rock Smash, while Iris tells Excadrill to intercept with Metal Claw. Both attacks collide and neither Pokemon appear harmed. Ash commands Boldore to use Flash Cannon, while Excadrill quickly counters the powerful attack with a Focus Blast, which results in an explosion. Once the smoke clears, it's shown that both Pokemon once again, didn't take any damage.

N protecting Axew and Snivy

Meanwhile, Axew notices a trail of fruit and starts to follow it, eating the fruits along the way. Pikachu becomes concern and decides to follow him. Once, they reach the end of the trail, a trap activates, catching Pikachu. Axew yells out for help, which led to Ash and the group rushing to his location, where they realize it's Team Rocket who's responsible for capturing Pikachu. When Team Rocket attempts to escapes, Ash calls out Snivy to use Vine Whip to reel in their balloon. James quickly calls for Amoonguss to use Body Slam, which directly hits Ash, knocking him back. Jessie commands her Frillish to use Shadow Ball, but right as the attack is about to strike, N suddenly appears jumps in front of Snivy and Axew and takes the hit, protecting the two Pokemon.

N mentions how Team Rocket are foolish and that they're part of the reason why the world is imperfect. He also calls outs Meowth, asking why is he speaking in the language of human and not a Pokemon. N's comments seem to confuse Team Rocket. Meanwhile, Ash calls out Unfeazant to go after Team Rocket's balloon. Jessie commands Frillish to use Bubble Beam, although Unfeazant dodges and uses Aerial Ace to break the trap, freeing Pikachu. As the electric Pokemon falls towards the ground, Jessie tells Frillish to use Shadow Ball, but Axew uses Dragon Rage to stop the attack from hitting Pikachu. Ash then tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, while James tells Amoonguss to use Stun Spore. Pikachu successfuly strikes Team Rocket with his attack and Ash manages to catch him, but the electric Pokemon is now affected by the Stun Spore. Ash commands Unfezant to use Air Cutter, which sends Team Rocket blasting off.

N tells Ash and the group to quickly follow him to another area of the ship. Ash calls out his friends, the Pokemon nearby, for his assistance. All of a sudden, two Alomomola jump out of the water and uses Refresh, which neutralized the effects of Stun Spore. Ash thanks N, as well as the Alomonola for saving his Pikachu.

Suddenly, Ash questions N regarding him disliking the idea of forcing Pokemon to battle, but as N is set to respond, the announcer mentions that the ship will be docking at Castelia City and that all passengers getting off, must head to the exit immediately. N mentions that the world he and Ash are looking for are completely different, and that he is getting off at Castelia City. He tells the group to take care and also mentions that surely they will meet again.

As N steps off the ship and make his way to the city, Ash calls him from aboard the ship and asks N if he really would see the group again, where he replies that he definitely will. The episode ends with Ash and his friends setting sail once again to Aspertia City.

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