The Under

The Under is a city in the Orre region located beneath Pyrite Town. It is ruled by Cipher and home to the members of the Kids Grid.


The Under is located directly below Pyrite Town, making it somewhat difficult to access. In fact, there are only three ways to reach this city, via elevator in the Pyrite Bldg, a mine shaft to the west of Pyrite, or by taking The Under Subway from the Shadow Pokemon Lab. The chasm in Pyrite Town lines up with the chasm in The Under, allowing parts of The Under to receive sunlight. There is a UFO that can be accessed to cross the chasm and go between the northern and southern halves.

The northern half of The Under contains a Colosseum, a TV station, and an Herb Shop, while the southern half contains the Kids Grid house, a mart, a hotel, and other shops that the player cannot enter.

Upon first entering the city, the town is under the control of Cipher and no one seems to mind it because of their infatuation with Lady Venus.

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