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Tiers are, in a way, a ranking system for Pokémon. The placement of Pokémon within the tiers defines both their usage and their overall potential. Pokémon that are strong and used often will find themselves in the high tier of OU, while weaker and less common Pokémon will find their way into UU, RU, and NU. The faux tier of BL is for Pokémon that are too strong for the UU environment, but are not used enough for OU. This is usually for their lack of potential in the standard environment, but there are various other reasons. The BL2 Tier is basically the same thing, but for Pokemon too strong for the RU environment. The only unbalanced tier is the Uber tier, which is for Pokémon that are game-breaking in the standard environment. Most Pokémon in this tier are legendaries with a base stat total of at least 600.


[edit] Please Note

This tier list does resemble Smogon's Tier list. Reasoning is for the fact that all competitive players on this website use that tier list for all battles. Thus, it is senseless to make an unused tier list that is made from people who lack a true understanding of the meta-game. The tiers are solely based off usage from players from the Pokemon Showdown! ladders. Mega Stones are not tiered separately from Pokemon unless that said Mega Evolution is too strong for a certain metagame. The tier lists below have not been fully updated for the XY metagame, as there is no established RU or NU as of yet.

Also, some Pokémon are capable of appearing in more than one tier.

[edit] Uber

Pokémon that are seen as too powerful for standard play. This could be due to massive stat total, insane movepool, or the power to over-centralize the meta-game if they were to remain in OU (often, all 3 of these reasons apply).

[edit] Overused (OU)

The standard Pokémon competitive metagame in which Pokémon that are most often seen reside. They are generally recognized for this, their wide move pools and their high potential. Please note that Pokémon enter the OU tier if they achieve a usage % of at least 3.41% on Smogon's Pokémon Showdown Server through a specific amount of people with a high ranking (to avoid any bad influence from poor metagame trends). Also take note that some of these certain Pokemon thrive off their viability through the use of their Mega Stone, and not of their base form. Such examples of this are Pinsir, Charizard, and Mawile. There are a total of 49 OU Pokémon.

[edit] Borderline (BL)

Pokemon that are considered broken or too strong for the Underused metagame, yet not used enough to the an Overused Pokemon, fall into the BL, or Borderline. This is a banlist, not an actual tier, and they are unusable in UU because of traits that make them unhealthy for the metagame, but are either not used enough or not as viable in OU. These Pokemon can still be used in OU, but are not officially OU. Certain abilities, such as Drought and Drizzle, are also seen as too broken for Underused play and also fall in the BL list. One move, Swagger, is also banned from UU play. None of these bans are permanent, however, and retests of all of the following Pokemon, Mega Stones, and abilities are currently taking place to measure if a certain Pokemon is broken enough to be banned. The current bans, with the exception to Thundurus-T and Weavile, are all preliminary as of this point. There are 16 Pokemon in the BL tier, and 3 Mega Stones alongside them.

[edit] Underused (UU)

Pokémon that are not commonplace in a competitive environment due to more hindering flaws, lack of usage, or just plainly outclassed. They are generally lacking in potential, though several are still quite playable and very usable in OU. This metagame is still in its early stages, so there are some certain unusual trends within the metagame and don't take this list for granted. There are 52 Pokemon that makeup the UU tier.

[edit] Borderline 2 (BL2)

NOTE: Although this Borderline list is up to date as of Generation 6, XY RU is not official and these bans were put in place out of necessity in the beta phases of the metagame. Pokémon that are not used enough in the UnderUsed metagame, but too broken for the Rarelyused metagame fall under the BL2 list. These Pokémon are banned from the Rarelyused tier, but can be used in Ubers, Overused, and the Underused tiers if so desired. There are a total of three Pokémon in this tier as of now, but as XY RU becomes official, more bans are likely to take place.

[edit] Rarelyused (RU)

NOTE: This is based off the 5th Generation Tier List. There is no official XY RU tier as of yet. Pokémon that have nearly crippling flaws and are typically easily outclassed by other Pokémon in OU and UU. Most of these Pokémon have specific niches in the higher tiers, but find a place to shine with the more powerful threats locked away in higher tiers. This tier was formed in Generation V to keep the NU tier from having nearly 300 Pokémon in it. There are currently 58 Pokémon in the RU tier.

[edit] Never Used (NU)

NOTE: This is based off the 5th Generation Tier List. There is no XY NU tier as of yet. Pokémon that are generally not seen at all due to being highly limited and unpopular. Their stats and movepools may be, and usually are, very lacking compared to the higher tiers. Most of these Pokémon don't even have a specific niche in the higher tiers. With the advent of the Eviolite item in Generation 5, there are many more NFE Pokémon that are viable in NU than there were in Generation IV. There are a whopping 206 Pokémon in the NU tier as of this writing.

[edit] Little Cup (LC)

These Pokemon who are the first evolution of their chain. This does not count to Pokemon who do not evolve. (Such as, Absol)

[edit] Not Fully Evolved (NFE)

These are Pokémon that are the prior forms of the Pokémon seen here. Often tournaments are held using NFE's. On Shoddy Battle, having a NFE battle is referred to as Little Cup, however it has different rules.

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