Top-Down Training

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The episode opens with the Champion Cynthia battling Elite 4 Member Lucian. Ash and co. have gone to a nearby Pokémon Center to watch the battle on the TV there. It seems neither can gain the advantage, but Cynthia's Garchomp uses Giga Impact to finally KO Lucian's Bronzong once and for all. After the battle, the announcer says that Cynthia will be doing a meet and greet at some ruins later today. Brock realizes that those ruins are right near where they are right now. Ash can't resist the urge to be able to meet the Sinnoh Champ in person and the others decide to join him.

Team Rocket is in disguise selling souvineers and Cynthia has a quick chat with them that actually ends peacefully. Once Ash, Dawn, and Brock get to the ruins, Cynthia is already studying some ancient writings on the wall. Ash and co. aren't the only ones wanting to meet the Champion. There's a whole host of people looking on from a distance and one of them steps up to greet Ash and friends. It turns out to be none other than Paul who then challenges Cynthia to a battle! Cynthia is hesitant at first, but she sees the fire in Paul's eyes and can't refuse an eager challenger.

After getting a perimeter established with onlookers, Cynthia and Paul start the battle. Cynthia sends in Garchomp while Paul starts with Chimchar. His choice baffles everyone as the people watching the match criticize him for pitting a Fire type agaisnt a Dragon type. Paul has Chimchar attack first with Fire Spin which hits and traps Garchomp in a fiery tornado. Brock realizes that even though Garchomp is strong against Fire moves, it can't take them forever. Paul stays on the offensive by having Chimchar use Dig. Unfortunately for Paul, Garchomp also knows Dig and ends up beating Chimchar to the hit underground(who knows what happened under there beforehand) Once they emerge, Chimchar is unable to get back up and Paul has to call it back.

Paul calls on Weavile next. Brock realizes that being an Ice type, Weavile has a type advantage on Garchomp but wonders how much of a difference it'll make. Cynthia has Garchomp use Dragon Rush which Brock says is one of the strongest attacks Garchomp can use. Paul tells Weavile to dodge, but it's just standing there, almost as if it doesn't hear Paul at all. Brock also says that the sheer intimidation of Dragon Rush can sometimes paralyze a Pokémon with shock. Needing to stop the attack before it hits, Paul has Weavile use Blizzard, but Garchomp alters its angle slightly to dodge the attack and smash Weavile with Dragon Rush.

Paul decides to try from the air next and use Murkrow as Weavile is KOed by Dragon Rush. Paul tells Murkrow to use Sky Attack while Cynthia has Garchomp use Giga Impact. Brock notes that Giga Impact is the strongest move Garchomp learns. The attacks collide and Murkrow is completely overpowered and is KOed by Giga Impact. Paul cringes as he calls Murkrow back. Paul sends out a Torterra next and Ash looks it up on his Pokédex as Dawn and Brock, along with Ash wonder if Paul started with Turtwig when his journey began. Paul has Torterra use Giga Drain and it certainly has an effect on Garchomp. Paul then tells it to use Frenzy Plant as Brock notes that Frenzy Plant is the strongest Grass type move in existence. The attack seems to hit without a hitch, but Garchomp blocked it with its wing-like arms before the attack could smack it in the face! Cynthia then tells Garchomp to use Brick Break. Dawn wonders why Paul isn't telling Torterra to dodge, but Brock tells her that after a Pokémon uses Frenzy Plant, it's unable to move for a period of time. As he finishes the explination up, Garchomp finishes the battle up as Brick Break takes out Torterra. Paul returns Torterra and admits defeat.

Ash comes up to talk with both of them, but Paul just walks off. Everyone follows him to the Pokémon Center. There Brock starts to profess his love for Cynthia and is about to receive the Poison Jab treatment from Croagunk, before Cynthia gives Croagunk a look that stops it in its tracks for some reason. Cynthia examines Paul's Pokémon as he tells her where he got each one. How he started with Torterra and captured the others on his travels through other regions and then Chimchar here in Sinnoh. Anyone could've seen it coming, but Paul and Ash get into yet another argument on how to train/treat their Pokémon. Cynthia is able to get their attention and decides to show the gang the ruins she came to study. She then explains what's drawn/written on the wall as she says the two Pokémon are Pokémon said to control time and space, Dialga and Palkia.

Back at the Pokémon Center, Team Rocket have somehow gotten in and are planning on stealing Chimchar (they must've overheard that convo from earlier) as they say that Chimchar isn't meant for this kind of training. Nurse Joy catches them as they make their getaway, but Paul and the others notice them once they get outside. TR then recite thier motto, but it gets cut short by Chimchar's Ember (it woke up by now) Paul then sends Ursaring in to use Hyper Beam on Team Rocket. They go blasting off again as Chimchar lands safely on the ground. Paul then says that Chimchar shouldn't have let itself get captured so easily (he doesn't know it was still asleep) but Cynthia calms him down and cheers Chimchar up. Paul has seemingly left the group as Ash and co. along with Cynthia have returned to the Pokémon Center. They then see the Lustrous Orb on TV and the Adamant Orb inside the Pokémon Center. Cynthia explains that if one were to want to summon Palkia, he/she would need the Lustrous Orb while the Adamant Orb is needed to summon Dialga.

Before she leaves, Cynthia says goodbye to Ash, Dawn, and Brock and gives them a parting message as Ash and co. thank her for a fun day. They go thier seperate ways as Paul and his Pokémon watch on from inside the Pokemon Center. Time will tell if Cynthia's words have gotten through to Paul so stay tuned!

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