Trainer Customisation

Trainer Customisation is a feature that was introduced in the Generation VI games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It allows for players to pick and choose between a variety of physical appearances and clothes for both male and female protagonists.

Trainer Selection

At the very start of the game you are given three options as to the head of what your character will look like, identical in build at clothing at the start of the game, the only differentials being the colour of the hair and pigmentation of the skin.


Boutiques are the stores by which characters can purchase items of clothing to add to their character. They can be identified by the T-Shirt logo hanging on the side of the building. Within each Boutique there is a certain theme that they follow which aligns with the essence of the city / town that it is in. While they do sell clothes individually, they also sell sets of clothes for purchase.

The clothes in each Boutique is rotated daily.

The botiques are located in the following places:

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