Transform is a Normal-Type move in which the user's cellular makeup is altered, allowing the user to become a copy of the target.


Transform's Mechanics

Transform temporarily changes more than just the appearance of the Pokémon that uses Transform. The Pokémon that uses Transform becomes the same species of the Pokémon in which it transforms into and also sounds like that particular Pokémon.

In addition, users of Transform copy the same Statistics of said Pokémon, including any changes to those stats and the same moveset, along with the same Capture Rate and Experience Points earned (if applicable).

But by becoming the same as the other Pokémon, the special items exclusive to Ditto (Metal Powder and Quick Powder) stop working but the special items of another Pokémon will take effect, such as transforming into a Pokémon that isn't fully evolved whilst Transform's user is holding an Eviolite.

In the event of landing a Critical Hit, the Critical Hit will be based on the user's Original Statistics prior to Transforming.

Pokémon that learn this move via Level Up

Level Pokémon
1 Ditto
1 Mew

Pokémon that learn this move via Breeding


Pokémon that learn this move via Sketch

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