Triple Battles

A typical triple battle
Triple Battles are as the name suggests, a battle with 3 Pokémon. Acting as a more advanced battle technique than the Double Battles introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, this new rendition requires the player to send out half of their team to battle against the foe. With the introduction of the new technique, new battle mechanics were also added to allow certain moves to hit all 3 targets, and moves that will hit 5 of the Pokémon on the field.


Targetting in a triple battle
The targeting in triple battles is solely determined by the position in the field of battle. The Pokémon located in the middle of the 3 has the range of attacking all 3 of the opponents Pokémon (as well as the two others on the players side depending on the move used), conversely the Pokémon that are located to the sides can only attack the Pokémon opposite to them and the one in the middle. As the player, they have the ability to switch the locations of the Pokémon on the battle field, however moving the Pokémon will act as a turn on the players part, making the player vulnerable to attacks. Additionally the Pokémon located in the middle will do more damage to all foes Pokémon than the Pokémon located to the sides.


Rotation in a triple battle
This is another new battle feature exclusive to Pokémon Black and White. It is set out in the typical style of a Triple battle but with a different means of attacking. The player can send out 3 Pokémon at a time however the stage they are released onto can rotate, meaning although the player has 3 Pokémon able to battle, the Pokémon at the front of the rotation can only battle 1 on 1, with the other 2 pokémon pushed to the back. However the player has the ability to switch pokémon by moving the "table" either clockwise or anti-clockwise, choosing any of the other 2 Pokémon. Of course, the same holding true for the opponent.

Unlike the normal Triple battle system, switching Pokémon will not take up the players turn to move and the player has the ability to attack as soon as the new Pokémon is put up front. The rotation appears to be the first thing that happens in the turn so Speed is calculated after the rotation.

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