Turnback Cave

Giratina in Turnback Cave in Diamond and Pearl
Turnback Cave is a mazelike cave in Sinnoh filled with fog. It is home to the Legendary Pokémon Giratina. The only way to locate the room in which Giratina is located is to pass three pillars without passing through thirty rooms.

Once this has been done, Giratina will be in the next room no matter what. One of the many puzzles of the cave is that travelers can't turn back to the last room they visited. The Escape Rope Item is unusable, but if one wishes to turn back, it will warp them directly to the first room. When the player examines a pillar two numbers will appear. The top number indicates which pillar the player is looking at, the bottom indicates how many rooms have been passed through on the way to it.

After catching Giratina, you can return back to the room where you caught him to obtain one of these rare items, a Reaper Cloth, a Rare Bone, and a Stardust.

In Pokémon Platinum, the Turnback Cave will contain a portal to the Distortion World, where a Griseous Orb can be obtained. Giratina is encountered earlier on the first visit to the Distortion World, but will appear here if defeated earlier in the Distortion World.

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