Type (TCG)

There are a few different Types in the TCG. There were originally seven (7) different Types in the Base Set of the Trading Card Game, but four more have been added over the years to make the grand total eleven types.

Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, and Colorless were the original Types in the original sets of the TCG.

Later, in the Neo sets, the Darkness and Metal types were added to the TCG.

Many years later, in 2012, the Dragon Type made its debut in the Dragon Vault and additionally the Dragon's Exalted set.

The latest type revealed, the Fairy Type, was recently revealed in 2013.

Something unique about the Dragon Type is the fact that there is not a Dragon Energy and that Dragons typically have to use two different types of Energy to attack. Also, like the Psychic Type, the Dragon Type is weak to itself. It has yet to be revealed if the Fairy Type will have its own Energy.

The eleven Types are made of a mixture of the eighteen video game types. Up until the Diamond and Pearl sets, Poison Types were originally Grass Types in the TCG, and Dragons were typically Colorless Types.

In the Delta Series sets, different typings were given to Pokémon such as a Lightning-Type Charizard.

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