Undella Town

Undella Town is the Eastern-most town in the Unova Region.

Cynthia lives in the closest villa to the Pokémon Center. The female Elite Four, and sometimes the Gym Leaders will visit her in Spring and Summer, respectively. Cynthia will accept a challenge for a battle on the first visit regardless the season, and during the Spring season thereafter.

The Riches live here as well, and you can battle 1 per day, while battling 1 new family member every day until you've beaten them all.

To the area's East is Undella Bay, home to the only locations in which you can use Dive in the Unova Region.


Obtainable Pokémon


Normal Encounters

Surfing Spots


Normal Encounters

Fishing Spots


During the summer months, another trainer will be looking for a Cinccino. The trainer will be offering a Level 60 Munchlax in return, the only way to obtain this Pokémon outside of using PokéTransfer or the Dream World.

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