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leDinx's Secret Master Plan

  • Unified Templates appearance
    • Generalize the use of Template:Table
      • write documentation for the template
      • add it to all templates based on tables
      • add it to various pages that use ugly tables
    • Use Template:Infobox variants for all infoboxes, or improve uniqueness of partially existing ones (TCG/Movies/Characters/Dungeons/Song Lyrics/Items)
    • New location (area found) template for pokémon pages
    • Always improve existing templates (functionality/code efficiency/appearence)
    • Seemlessly split HM-TM-MoveList into gen sub-templates?
    • Generalize the use of Template:Tint, but consider possible smaller sub-templates for specific uses
    • Reorganize big switch templates to have the most used options at the top?
  • More location pages need to exist
  • Categorize uncategorised pages (preferably via infoboxes when applicable, goes with more creation of specialized infoboxes)
    • Categorize images
  • Item page layout
  • Update the Help pages for page layouts
  • Improve old/ugly popular pages (Statistics and the game mechanic pages in general, tier listings,...)
  • Better unified naming conventions for images, with template use in mind (starting with box art)
  • Event pages (Categorizing, template and content)
  • Competitive pages/movesets?
  • Look into the <tabber> extension for tabs - or something like this? http://layton.neoseeker.com/wiki/Template:HintTabsDB
  • Consider navigation footer
  • Clean the templates list
  • Fix double redirects (mostly game pages)
  • Deep rework of the main page
  • Better wiki theme
  • Take over the world

Table meta-Template

super amazing table
a b c
d e f
h i j
h i j
h i j
h i j
h i j
a b
c d
amazing table
a b
c d

amazing table

a b
c d

amazing table
a b
c d
amazing table
a b
c d

super amazing table
a b c
d e f
h i j
aaa bbb ccc
a b c
d e f
h i j

List of Abilities


Name Description Add in Generation How Many Pokémon Have This Ability
Zen Mode Changes the Pokémon's shape when HP is halved. V 1

Tier listings






doesn't exist


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as information becomes available.
  • Place {{Upcoming}} at the top of pages that are waiting for upcoming information.
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Multi Categories Search link

[[Special:MultiCategorySearch/include=Attacks/include=Fire Type|Fire Type Attacks]]

Fire Type Attacks

{{Special:MultiCategorySearch/include=Attacks/include=Fire Type/exclude=Status Attacks}}

Reference Test

References are good[1].

loop list table test

<div align="center" style="width:150px; margin:2px; padding:2px; border:solid 1px #{{Colorize|border|water}}; border-radius: 1em; background-color:#{{Colorize|bg|water}};">
{| align="center" border="1" style="margin:3px; border:solid 1px #{{Colorize|border|water}}; background-color:#{{Colorize|lightbg|water}}; text-align:center;"



Item Pages Overhaul Ideas

User:LeDinx\Item Pages

Template:EventPokémon - Concept

EventRibbon.png Shiny Beldum Event
Cherish Ball.PNG Beldum
Level: 5

  • Hold Back
  • Iron Head
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Iron Defense
Item: Metagrossite
OT: Steven
ID: 12124
Gender: Genderless
Nature: Any
Ability: Clear Body
Region: Worldwide
Availability: November 21, 2014 - January 14, 2015
Games: OR/AS
Method: Wi-Fi

Template:competitiveBuild - Concept

Tags: OU
Mega Charizard Y
Fire.gif Flying.gif
Nature: Modest
Item: Charizardite Y
Ability: Solar Power -> Drought
EV: 252 SpA / 6 SpD / 252 Spe
Fire.gif Special.png
90 / 100 / 15
Air Slash
Flying.gif Special.png
75 / 95 / 15
Solar Beam
Grass.gif Special.png
120 / 100 / 10
Dragon Pulse
Dragon.gif Special.png
85 / 100 / 10

Nested Loops Test

* '''i={{#var:i}}'''{{#loop:j|1|5|<nowiki/>
* i={{#var:i}},j={{#var:j}}

Loop Test

{{#loop: i|1|151|<nowiki/>[[File:{{#pad:{{#var:i}}|3|0}}.gif]]}}


  1. This is a reference.