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Sneaking up on Wild Pokémon that appear in shaking spots (DexNav)

  • Search Level 0: silhouette of the Pokémon and its Level
  • Search Level 2: Pokémon's First Move added
  • Search Level 3: Pokémon's Ability added
  • Search Level 5 and beyond: Potential Meter for Pokémon appears, goes from 0 stars up to 3 stars
  • Pokémon's Type doesn't show up until it has been registered as caught in your Pokédex.
  • Some items are exclusive to some Pokémon found and caught in this manner. Would be worth noting in a second section, serebii would be a good resource for this part of that page.

Title: DexNav Encounters

Holding Area

|HPMIN- = 
|HPMAX+ = 
|AttackBASE = 
|AttackMIN- = 
|AttackMIN = 
|AttackMAX = 
|AttackMAX+ = 
|DefenceBASE = 
|DefenceMIN- = 
|DefenceMIN = 
|DefenceMAX = 
|DefenceMAX+ = 
|SP.AttackBASE = 
|SP.AttackMIN- = 
|SP.AttackMIN = 
|SP.AttackMAX = 
|SP.AttackMAX+ = 
|SP.DefenceBASE = 
|SP.DefenceMIN- = 
|SP.DefenceMIN = 
|SP.DefenceMAX = 
|SP.DefenceMAX+ = 
|SpeedBASE = 
|SpeedMIN- = 
|SpeedMIN = 
|SpeedMAX = 
|SpeedMAX+ = 

My To Do List


  • Upcoming Releases (Movies & Books)
  • Weekly DVD/Blu Ray Release Info

Pokémon NeoWiki

The individual Pokémon pages need a variety of information in order to be completed. A blueprint was left on the User Page of User:Mudkipx3, which can serve as a guide to filling out the pages. Other Pokémon Pages that have been completed can also serve as a guide, depending on the generation.

Here are some individual examples:

    • Images (Minipics) needed for Individual Type/Ability/Egg Group Pages (BOLD indicates all three; Italics indicates Ability and Egg Group Pages)
      • Rotom's Alternate Forms
      • Giratina Origin Forme
      • The 16 Alternate Forms of Arceus
      • Shaymin Sky Forme
      • Basculin Blue Striped Forme
      • Darmanitan Zen Mode
      • Meloetta Pirouette Forme
  • Pokémon TCG
    • Sets
    • Theme Decks
    • Individual Card Pages