Veilstone City

Veilstone City is one of the major cities in Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. It is located in the eastern half of the Sinnoh Region, and is accessible by Route 214 and Route 215.



First Visit
Star Piece Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup Mask Pokétch App Counter Sticky Barb TM63 Embargo Coin Case Rare Candy
After a 10-Win Combo at the Slots
TM64 Explosion
After Winning at Veilstone Gym
Cobble Badge TM60 Drain Punch HM02 Fly
After Winning at Snowpoint Gym
Full Incense

Important Locations and People

Galactic Veilstone Building and Galactic Storage

Connected by a single corridor and offering only limited accessibility until the player has been to Lake Acuity, the Galactic Veilstone Building and the Galactic Warehouse are Team Galactic's main headquarters, located at the north of the city. The building is comprised of 6 floors, crawling with Team Galactic grunts and littered with items. Ultimately, the player will battle Galactic Boss Cyrus and Galactic Commander Saturn within the hideout.

Veilstone Department Store

The Veilstone Department Store is much like its predecessors and successors in other games. It provides a wider selection than a typical Pokémart (and consequently replaces it in its home city). In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, there were only five floors, but Pokémon Platinum saw the addition of a basement with new products for sale. Each floor offers different products, and some NPC's will give the player items. All Poffins sold on level B1F are level 32 and have a smoothness rating of 20.

Items Available for Purchase

B1F-- Natural Foods (Platinum Exclusive)
Product Price
Figy Berry 20P
Wiki Berry 20P
Mago Berry 20P
Aguav Berry 20P
Iapapa Berry 20P
Spicy-Dry Poffin 6400P
Spicy-Sweet Poffin 6400P
Spicy-Bitter Poffin 6400P
Spicy-Sour Poffin 6400P
Dry-Sweet Poffin 6400P
Dry-Bitter Poffin 6400P
Dry-Sour Poffin 6400P
Sweet-Bitter Poffin 6400P
Sweet-Sour Poffin 6400P
Bitter-Sour Poffin 6400P
Lava Cookie 200P
1F-- Trainer Zone
Product Price
Potion 300P
Super Potion 700P
Hyper Potion 1200P
Max Potion 2500P
Revive 1500P
Antidote 100P
Paralyz Heal 200P
Burn Heal 250P
Ice Heal 250P
Awakening 250P
Full Heal 600P
Poké Ball 200P
Great Ball 600P
Ultra Ball 1200P
Escape Rope 550P
Poké Doll 1000P
Repel 350
Super Repel 500P
Max Repel 700P
Grass Mail 50P
Flame Mail 50P
Bubble Mail 50P
Space Mail 50P
2F-- Stat Boosters
Product Price
X Speed 350P
X Attack 500P
X Defend 550P
Guard Spec. 700P
Dire Hit 650P
X Accuracy 950P
X Special 350P
X Sp. Def 350P
Protein 9800P
Iron 9800P
Calcium 9800P
Zinc 9800P
Carbos 9800P
HP Up 9800P
3F-- TM Collection
Product Price
TM83 Natural Gift 2000P
TM17 Protect 2000P
TM54 False Swipe 2000P
TM20 Safeguard 2000P
TM33 Reflect 2000P
TM16 Light Screen 2000P
TM70 Flash 1000P
TM38 Fire Blast 5500P
TM25 Thunder 5500P
TM14 Blizzard 5500P
TM22 Solar Beam 3000P
TM52 Focus Blast 5500P
TM15 Hyper Beam 7500P
4F-- Goods and Dolls
Product Price
Yellow Cushion 500P
Cupboard 1000P
TV 4500P
Refrigerator 1000P
Pretty Sink 3000P
Munchlax Doll 2000P
Bonsly Doll 2000P
Mime Jr. Doll 2000P
Mantyke Doll 3000P
Buizel Doll 3000P
Chatot Doll 3000P
5F-- Rooftop Plaza (Vending Machine)
Product Price
Fresh Water 200P
Soda Pop 300P
Lemonade 350P

Veilstone Game Corner and Prize Exchange

The Veilstone Game Corner is a building in the southern half of Veilstone City where the player can play with slot machines to earn coins, which can be exchanged for prizes at the neighboring Prize Exchange.

The slot machine's game is fairly straightforward: lining up different symbols will earn you different amounts of coins. When a Poké Ball or another variation appears on the bottom screen, there is a chance for Clefairy to come out in one of three forms:

  • Regular Clefairy
  • Shiny Clefairy
  • Transformed Ditto

If three 7's or G's are lined up while Clefairy is out, the bonus round will begin. In this round, stop the reels in the order that Clefairy will indicate on the lower screen. If the reels are stopped in that order, three Replays will line up and the player will be awarded 15 coins. The player can try to set a record by playing consecutive bonus rounds.

Note: In the European versions of Pokémon Platinum, the slot machines were replaced with 'game machines' that would randomly award the player with coins each day.

Items at the Prize Exchange

Item Coins Required
Silk Scarf 1000
Wide Lens 1000
Zoom Lens 1000
Metronome 1000
TM90 Substitute 2000
TM58 Endure 2000
TM75 Swords Dance 4000
TM32 Double Team 4000
TM44 Rest 6000
TM89 U-Turn 6000
TM10 Hidden Power 6000
TM27 Return 8000
TM21 Frustration 8000
TM35 Flamethrower 10000
TM24 Thunderbolt 10000
TM13 Ice Beam 10000
TM29 Psychic 10000
TM74 Gyro Ball 15000
TM68 Giga Impact 20000

Massage Girl's House

Getting a massage for your Pokémon at this house in the Southwest of the city will increase its friendship, as well as get an accessory for the player's Pokémon.

Accessories Obtained After a Pokémon Massage
Pretty Dewdrop Snow Crystal Sparks Shimmering Fire Mystic Fire Determination Peculiar Spoon Puffy Smoke Poison Extract Wealthy Coin Eerie Thing Spring Seashell Humming Note Shiny Powder Glitter Powder

Veilstone Gym

Veilstone City's Gym was redesigned for Pokémon Platinum, but both have the premise of a dojo, with several Black Belts waiting for the player.

Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl

The Gym consists of several smaller "rooms" with Black Belt trainers within and sliding panels that the player must move around to get to Maylene, the Gym Leader.

Pokémon Level Type(s) Ability Held Item Moves
Meditite Lv. 27 Fighting/Psychic Pure Power None Confusion (Psychic, Special) Meditate (Psychic, Special) Detect (Fighting, Status) Drain Punch (Fighting, Physical)
Machoke Lv. 27 Fighting Guts None Brick Break (Fighting, Physical) Leer (Normal, Status) Foresight (Normal, Status) Rock Tomb (Rock, Physical)
Lucario Lv. 30 Fighting/Steel Steadfast Sitrus Berry Drain Punch (Fighting, Physical) Force Palm (Fighting, Physical) Metal Claw (Steel, Physical) Bone Rush (Ground, Physical)

Pokémon Platinum

After the redesign, Maylene's Gym is now comprised of boxing rings and punching bags. The latter must be moved in order to get to Maylene in the back of the Gym. Again, Black Belts await the player throughout the Gym.

Pokémon Level Type(s) Ability Held Item Moves
Meditite Lv. 28 Fighting/Psychic Pure Power None Fake Out (Normal, Physical) Rock Tomb (Rock, Physical) Drain Punch (Fighting, Physical) Confusion (Psychic, Special)
Machoke Lv. 29 Fighting Guts None Strength (Normal, Physical) Karate Chop (Fighting, Physical) Rock Tomb (Rock, Physical) Focus Energy (Normal, Status)
Lucario Lv. 32 Fighting/Steel Steadfast Sitrus Berry Drain Punch (Fighting, Physical) Force Palm (Fighting, Physical) Metal Claw (Steel, Physical) Bone Rush (Ground, Physical)

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