Violet City

Violet City is the third different city that trainers will reach in the Johto region. In addition to being the home of the Violet City Pokemon Gym, it is also the home of the Sprout Tower, a testing ground for beginner trainers.

[edit] Sprout Tower

Here, trainers must battle their way to the top of the tower, defeating both Wild Pokemon and the tower Sages, most of whom utilize Bellsprout in battle. Reaching the top will result in an encounter with the rival, only for him to flee with an Escape Rope. Defeat the wating Monk to earn the Flash TM, and to gain access to the nearby Pokemon Gym.

[edit] Violet City Pokemon Gym

The inside of the gym has a floor shaped like the letter S; in Generation IV a massive lift brings trainers up to the S-shaped floor. Two trainers are also on this floor, as well as the Gym Leader, Falkner. Victory earns the Zephyr Badge, TM51, and access to the field move Rock Smash.

[edit] Falkner's Pokemon

Pidgey Lv. 9
Pidgeotto Lv. 13

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