Volkner, the Electric Leader
Japanese Name
デンジ Denzi
None are Known

Volkner is the Gym Leader of the Gym in Sunyshore City, located in the Sinnoh Region. He specializes in electric-type Pokemon. He appears to have a close relationship with Elite Four member Flint.



Volkner has made a few anime appearances. In the first episode he appeared in, Volkner had lost all interest in battling, but after watching the passion Ash displayed in his battle against Flint (and imagining himself and his Pikachu as Ash battled with his own), Volkner accepted Ash's Gym Challenge. Their battle was cut short when Jessie, James, and Meowth stole Sunnyshore Tower. With the help of Ash, Volkner was able to save Sunnyshore Tower, but the Gym had suffered significant structural damage.

After Dawn's loss in the Grand Festival finals, Ash returned to have his Gym Battle with Volkner. In the battle, Ash's Infernape was finally able to control the power of its Blaze ability and was able to defeat Volkner's Luxray with its boosted power. Ash and co. spend a couple extra days in Sunnyshore City which featured appearances by Kenny and Jasmine before finally leaving.

Diamond and Pearl Battle

Raichu - 46
Ambipom - 47
Octillery - 47
Luxray - 49

Platinum Battle

Jolteon - 46
Raichu - 46
Luxray - 48
Electivire - 50

Platinum Tag Battle w/ Flint

Luxray - 56
Jolteon - 56
Electivire - 58

Platinum Battleground Rematch

Jolteon - 61
Raichu - 61
Luxray - 62
Lanturn - 63
Electivire - 65

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