Wake up Snorlax

Anime episode #41. This episode is part in the first series.


This episode starts when Ash,Misty, and Brock head to a town for food. on their way there they meet an elder who plays his flute for them and begs for food. they say they dot have any and head on. Then team rocket comes by and hears the same thing and he asks them for money and/or food and they make fun of him and continue. When Ash,Misty< and Brock arrive in a town they go to a bakery and soon realize that there is no food available. then they meet a guy who provides them food after hearing their cry for food. then he talks to them and says that the problem is due to the lack of water leading to the town. then Ash,Misty, and Brock decide that they want to try and find out what the problem is by going up stream. then they find out that the stream leads to a dead end covered in thorns. so they decide to crawl under the thorns and try to avoid the thorns but that plan didn't work out so well so they called out their Pokemon to help out.so the Pokemon tear through the thorns and they get out of that mess and so they see a spring that is also drying up. then they look further and there is a Snorlax blocking the water from the stream and so what seems to be the problem. so they try to wake it up. Ash yells "Wake Up" and so on and so forth. and the Snorlax doesn't move. so ash tries moving it but then realizes that Snorlax can not be moved due to its massive weight. so then he tries to throw a Pokeball at it , attempting to capture it, and fails and just bounces back from the Snorlax's body fat. meanwhile team rocket spies on them from the thorns. Then team rocket comes out and then ash,misty,and Brock team up with them to try and awake the sleeping Snorlax. so at first they try to pick it up with these little claw like things from their air balloon but in which doesn't work. then they try an alarm clock which also fails. then they try making a "noble" Pokemon (Meowth) kiss it to wake it up but it doesn't work either. then Ash finds a card that says "Do NOT DISTURB" on the front and on the back it says " in case of emergency, please use poke flute to wake up". Then they remember that the elder had a flute that looked like the poke flute shown on the Pokedex. so they race their and Ash and Jessey battle and sends Jessey, James,and Meowth up into the air and Ash shows the elder the Snorlax. The Snorlax turns out to belong to the elder and the elder said that he wakes the Snorlax up from its slumber every month but he is late this month. so then the elder plays the flute and Snorlax wakes up and moves away. they notice that the water is still blocked from the thorns and then Snorlax begins to eat the thorns because it turns out that thorns are Snorlax's favorite snack item. then the river gets back to normal again. the episode pretty much ends after that. *this information was provided by the Neoseeker account, Game_luuver , enjoy!*

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